Underwater Power Prawn USA Analysis [Weighted Hook VS. Jighead]


If you have not yet fished with this lure yet, then you need to check out this underwater Power Prawn USA analysis!!

In this underwater study, you will see how the lure presentation differs between using a weighted hook and a jighead.

Take a look right here!!

Underwater Power Prawn USA Analysis [VIDEO]

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The two most common ways to rig up the Power Prawn USA are on a weedless weighted hook or on a jighead.

This video is designed to give you a better understanding of how these lures fall and behave when rigged on different hook options.

This is all in an effort to provide you with the necessary information so you can use the right lure rigging technique in the right setting.

For this lure analysis, both of the hook weights are the same at 1/8 oz.

The weighted hook is our custom 4/0 Hoss Helix Hook and the jighead used is a custom Hoss Football Jighead.

Weighted Hook

The first thing you notice is the lure sort of glides down to the bottom at a slight angle.

It does not fall as fast because the weight is on the belly side of the lure.

As you retrieve this setup, the lure will pop up and down and glide back to the bottom.

The best time and place to use this rig is in a shallow, calm super shallow fishing scenario.

You definitely want to use this setup around finicky fish.

Something that has more weight or clunkiness to it will spook those finicky fish off immediately.

I would recommend using this lure in shallow water around small structure and in the grass.


This rig dives straight to the bottom right when it hits the water.

There is no glide because the jighead is nose-heavy even though the weight is still the same.

This is an ideal rig for fishing in stronger current or deeper water.

Due to the placement of the weight on the jighead, this has a much more erratic motion when the rig is retrieved.

Your lure will spin and flip a lot more to create an erratic presentation.

This rig is perfect for strong currents, deeper pockets, and if you are fishing around very aggressive fish.

Aggressive fish will instinctually go after something that is erratic and catches their attention.


when shrimp lures beat live shrimp

It is critical to know how your lure behaves on different hook styles so you are using the best one possible to catch the most fish.

The Power Prawn USA is our proprietary artificial shrimp lure that comes in two different sizes as well as a few different color options in the junior size.

Do you have any additional questions about how these lures behave underwater or about the Power Prawn USA in general?

What is your favorite way to rig up the Power Prawn USA?

Let me know down in the comments section!!

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Francis Tang-Wing
5 months ago

I just started using the z-man mag shroom z jighead with a junior power prawn slam shady. There was two guys fishing my spot early with live shrimp. So I started fishing away from them and within five minutes caught a flounder. Then within ten minutes caught a keeper redfish. Then it started pouring down rain. Total time fished 20 minutes before I left. I am going to try this technique again next time when it’s not raining.

Daniel Alvarado
5 months ago

Really like these videos, it’s improved the way I’m using my lures.

Ken Childers
5 months ago

Continue to enjoy these short videos, learned a lot and changed the way I thought about some things. Thanks and keep up the good work

James Foster
5 months ago

Great presentation,Tony! I continue to hone my skills watching these educational videos.

Tom Annunziata
5 months ago

Good presentation. I have a better idea how lureswork thanks

Anthony Gruber
5 months ago

Thanks Tony. Very interesting video. One thing that I noticed and I did not see any other commenters mention this. Granted you are doing this test in a pool – very clear water. However I really noticed the difference between the leader material and the main line. It was so apparent that it distracted me on many occasions. I’m wondering if the fish see the same thing – leader line is pretty innocuous, but then there is this green line following the lure, kind of looks weird enough that I wonder if the fish can see it in a natural setting??

Ferdinand Alsina
5 months ago

love videos like this. The visual is just unbeatable. Would love to see the lure video side by side with the coach to see the retreat cadence as well. Thanks for the great info.

Alan Thomas
5 months ago

Thanks Tony, as always great information to help us catch more fish. I like the weighted hooks over the jig heads.

DAvid Hettenhouser
5 months ago

Great report Tony , thanks for video on under action .

Amber Lincoln
5 months ago

Another GREAT video!! Underh20 comparisons are the best!!! Thank you!


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