Weekly Newsletter: 8-28-22

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“Fishing is much more than fish. It is the great occasion when we may return to the fine simplicity of our forefathers.” – Herbert Hoover

See the best tips of the week below ranked in order of popularity.

Note: Have you seen our Smart Fishing Spots App? Talk about a GAME CHANGER.

How To Spool Line On The Most Popular Spinning Combo

This lesson will show you how to spool line onto a new spinning combo so that you can maximize casting distance and minimize wind knots.
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [August 26th – 28th]

See the best strategy to use this weekend to find the best feeding zones based on the latest trends, upcoming weather, and New Moon tides.
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Have The GLORY DAYS Returned To Mosquito Lagoon? [Insider Report]

*In my best Paul Revere impersonation: “THE SEAGRASS IS BACK!!! THE SEAGRASS IS BACK!!!* The day has finally arrived! After a very rough 7 years...
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Lessons Learned When Using Smart Fishing Spots To Fish An Old Area [Insider Report]

I wanted to try out the predictions of the Smart Spots feature in the new Smart Fishing Spots App and try out a spot I...
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How To Rig All Of The Salt Strong Fishing Lures On Hoss Helix Hooks [Tutorials]

Every day tons of questions come in asking us to show how we rig all of the Salt Strong Fishing Lures on the NEW Hoss Helix Hooks...
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3 Things You Must Know Before Selecting Braided Fishing Line

Any kind of braided fishing line works well with all spinning reels, right? Well, not exactly. You'd be surprised. Check this out!!
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13 Fishing Concept TX 2 Baitcasting Reel NOW In Our Shop!

The 13 Fishing Concept TX 2 Baitcasting Reel is now available in the Salt Strong Tackle Shop! This is innovative and unique...
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This Is My New Favorite Lure For Juvenile Tarpon

On a trip just last week, I found my NEW favorite lure for juvenile tarpon! Juvenile tarpon are insanely fun to target because they strike...
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Fishing With Insiders. Two Different Days, Two Different Results. [Insider Report]

In this week’s Insider Report I fished two separate days with very different results that I will share with you in this video. Both days...
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Owner Flashy Swimmer Weedless Weighted Hook Review

Now that we've added it to our online tackle shop, let's go over the Owner Flashy Swimmer Review! The Owner Flashy Swimmer is a...
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How To Approach And Catch Multiple Fish In Shallow Water [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be bait pushed up on flooded flats first thing in...
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THIS Is When To Use the Gold Digger BOMBER

Now that we've got it in our shop, let's talk about when to use the Gold Digger BOMBER!!! The Gold Digger lure color is all black...
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Catching Redfish & Snook While Exploring New Spots

This Insider Report shows a fun trip in which I got into some fun fish catching while exploring some new spots in Sarasota Bay.
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#1 Knot For Artificial Lures In Under 30 Seconds

This is the BEST knot for artificial lures in UNDER 30 seconds!! You shouldn't wast time trying to tie elaborate knots that take out of...
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Has The Magic Returned? [Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip]

On a recent Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip, I saw shades of the past GLORY that was Mosquito Lagoon!! The seagrass was TALL and PLENTIFUL!...
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