How To Spool Line On The Ultimate Spinning Combo [Backing & Braid]


This lesson shows exactly how to spool up the Ultimate Inshore Spinning Combo that we just started offering for inshore fishermen to get an excellent combo at a great price.

Many fishermen rely on tackle shops to load line onto their reels, and I highly recommend doing it all yourself because you’ll save money and you’ll be able to it better than them if you simply follow the directions shown in the video below.

Not only will you have spool the lines so they have less twists than a store-spooled reel, you’ll see an easy trick to make sure you put just enough backing on the spool so that you can fit exactly 150 yards of braid on top of it.

Spooling Line On Spinning Combo

Click on the video below to see the entire process of building out the full spinning combo from start to finish. Here’s a list of the topics by time in case you’d like to skip around:

  • Putting reel on rod – 1:50
  • Spooling Equipment Needed – 2:30
  • Attaching mono backing – 3:45
  • Loading mono backing – 5:44
  • Line gap trick – 8:00
  • Tying braid to backing – 9:20
  • Loading exactly 150 yards of braid – 13:25

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Equipment Listing

Here’s a list of the individual items shown in the video above that are part of the Ultimate Inshore Spinning Combo bundle.

Related Items

Here’s a list of additional topics that link to helpful lessons on each topic in case you need help/guidance on finishing up your line to lure assembly.


Nobody cares as much about our fishing equipment as much as we do, so it’s on us to make sure we select the right equipment and that we put everything together the right way.

Once I started using these items and assembling them together as shown in the video above, my fishing has significantly improved in terms of casting distance, fish catching, and getting less wind knots.

I hope you give the lessons above a try.

Please leave a comment below if you have any questions from this lesson.

And please use the Comments section below to share any other helpful tips for spooling line onto a new reel that you have found to be helpful… we’d love to hear from you.

Tight Lines!

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Thomas Hall
10 days ago

Thanks for the lesson Luke. Great package… price and quality… this is a duplicate set-up for me. Salt Strong introduced me to this rod & reel combination 2 years ago and I have loved it for salt water inshore fishing in SWF.

Salt Strong! Thomas

Thomas Lahnala
16 days ago

What is the measurement for 20lb braid (.23 diameter)?

Jeff Harper
24 days ago

Good video! The only thing that I would recommend is to wear a black or dark shirt…it would help the viewer see the line/knots. Thank you!

Bruce Beauchamp
1 month ago

Luke, I’m helping a friend set up his new combo and we are having issues adding the spacer to the reel. It is loading too much line to the top, so we wanted to add the spacer to even out the wind. But when the spacer is added, we cannot seat the spool so that the drag control know will seat and screw down. Seem the spacer sitting atop the material on the post makes it to short to screw on the drag control know. Any ideas to help would be greatly appreciated.

Justin Ritchey
1 month ago

Hey Bruce! Adding a spacer to a spinning reel to help even out the line across the spool is deceptively tricky. Follow these 4 steps in order very carefully and you’ll be able to get the spacer on:

1.) After you remove the spool from the main shaft, VERY CAREFULLY remove the very clear plastic retaining washer that is mounted on the main shaft. It sits right on top of the bearing on the main shaft and its VERY small and clear. You may need a small sharp tool to jimmy that retaining piece out, just take your time. Set that piece to the side so that you don’t lose it (you’ll need it when you re-assemble the reel).

2.) Remove the ball bearing sitting on the main shaft.

3.) Once the small Clear Retaining Tab and the Ball Bearing are removed, THEN you can place the Spacer/Shim overtop of the one already mounted on the main shaft.

4.) Re-assemble in the same order you took the pieces off, and then add your spool back on top. It should sit evenly now.

Really take your time with that small Clear Retainer (it can be a pain in the butt). Hope this helps! If you’re still experiencing issues, feel free to email us and we will help you further.

Bruce Beauchamp
1 month ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thanks Rich. I will follow your recommendation and email if necessary.

Bruce Beauchamp
1 month ago

Your instructions worked. They don’t make we it easy. Seems they would test the spacing as part of their QC process to ensure an initial even lone load. We are good now, thanks to your information! Once again, you and Salt Strong have the most up to date and accurate information. Thank you for the support. Tight lines!

Paul Jamieson
1 month ago

Luke Great video, I just purchased the combo and can’t wait to see how it feels and performs. You indicated 1/4 of an inch left on the spool for the braid using the 10# braid. How much do you need to increase the 1/4 of an inch for heavier brain like 15#, 20# or even 30#. I know its actually based on the diameter of the brad. Is there a chart for the different sizes of braid? Also do you need to make any adjustments to this if the spinning reel is a different size 2500 vs 3000 or 4000?

Enoch Davis
1 month ago

Hey guys, I haven’t received my bundle yet but I have watched Luke explaining how to put everything together more than a few times. I’ve never used braid line before so this will be a new experience for me. I’ve watched y’all videos of how much further braid line allows you to cast witch is important for where I fish.( alot of flats) which I use my waders for, so long casting is a must for me. An I fish alot of docks in my area, ( Pensacola bay- Bayou Grande) I’ve been saving up for this combo an can’t wait to put all the lessons y’all have shown me to the test. Iam support to get one of the idioms tomorrow. Thanks for everything be posting my catches soon! 😎🐟tight lines!!

Art White
1 month ago

Just got my combo and spooled it up a couple days ago. Is the reel supposed to rotate in the opposite direction when I stop reeling? Did I do something wrong when I spooled it?

Art White
1 month ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thank you.

Keith Lowe
2 months ago

Thank you for the excellent content. I’m a late bloomer and relatively new to fishing in general. Salt Strong is a wonderful way to get all the questions answered to get out and fish. Really appreciate what you do and how you do it with integrity and great customer service.

Otis James
2 months ago

Very informative video’s. I’ve been doing things so wrong my whole life. But I’m now wondering about the mono line backing. I’m using 10 lb braid so does it matter what lb. Mono to use for the backing?

Barbara Stuart
2 months ago

I am trying to spool up my new combo and having a problem getting the braid on the spool. It started getting all twisted and actually has gotten into a rats nest when I stopped and started pulling it back off the spool. I think the problem was my toes got cramped and they were pressing the spool of braid down on the floor. Can I just untangle the rats nest and see if it will all straighten itself out?


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