THIS Is When To Use the Gold Digger BOMBER


Now that we’ve got it in our shop, let’s talk about when to use the Gold Digger BOMBER!!!

The Gold Digger lure color is all black with some gold fleck sprinkled throughout the lure.

Learn when to use this lure in the video below!!

When To Use the Gold Digger BOMBER [VIDEO]

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As we approach the end of summer and the early days of fall, freshwater run-off from heavy rains leaks into our waters along with the onset of heavier winds.

As a result, we need to start using larger profiles that can be detected amongst the chop and winds.

Windy days cause lots of white noise out on the water which can make it difficult for fish to find your lures.

In that case, you need to use a lure with a greater presence in the water.

Larger lures with more flash and vibration are desirable on tougher fall days.

One lure that is perfectly equipped to handle this exact situation described is the Gold Digger BOMBER.

The Gold Digger BOMBER is a 5-inch paddletail that is best rigged on a 4/0 Hoss Helix Hook.

Big mullet and baitfish are creeping onto the flats now and will be in full force in the coming weeks making this lure an excellent choice for right now!

As temperatures lower moving into the fall, fish look for bigger meals so they can get all of what they need and exert as little energy as possible.

Keep your eye out on the size of the bait on each fishing over the next few weeks.


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The Gold Digger BOMBER on a weedless weighted presentation like the Hoss Helix Hook is a PERFECT choice for this time of the year heading into early fall.

Predatory fish are seeking out bigger meals to satisfy their big appetites as temperatures drop.

Be sure to head over to our online tackle shop and pick up a pack of these BOMBER lures today!!

Do you have any questions about the Gold Digger BOMBER?

What is the biggest fish you’ve ever caught when using this lure?

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1 year ago

How does the Hoss Helix hold up to the saltwater?

Mark Johnson
1 year ago

Walter, they are awesome!!!

Aubrey Rogers
1 year ago

Caught my first fish on artificial 12″ flounder using new paddle tail. Had to put it back , must be 15″, 1 flounder daily. I’ keep working on it. Thanks for the tips.

Danny Kirchenbauer
1 year ago

Awesome video Matt as usual

George Miller
1 year ago

Awesome video. Love the Hoss Helix hooks. Keep the videos coming Matt!

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

Beautiful trout, Matt! In those conditions do you think the battle rattle adds any attraction or would it be lost in the existing noise?

Byron Terral
1 year ago

Thanks Matt, always enjoy your reports. Keep those lines tight brother cause it just doesn’t get better than a good day of fishing. 🙂

Kenneth Ardanowski
1 year ago

Good report Matt, your a wild and crazy guy. I love it! LOL

Anthony Leopper
1 year ago

What a tank! Was she really really dark? Pretty fish.

Steven Free
1 year ago

While I do like the bomber lures I love the gulp paddletail in morning glory for dark or muddy water it is black with red flakes and a big thumping chartruese tail it maybe an inch shorter then the bomber but what it lacks in size it makes up in scent which if anyone knows anything about reds scent is there main sence for locating food where trout is sight and I think flounder it’s a little of each snook I’m not sure about them because o don’t pursue them on a regular basis but yesterday the gulp morning glory proved itself I caught 5 reds 2 in slot 4 flounder and my first ever snook of about 25 27 inches not in slot but I know state laws say unless you have a snook stamp and I believe are between 28 and 32 inches you can’t keep them so I didnot but every one of these fish was caught on the gulp morning glory and the wind did pick up some couldn’t buy a hit on 3 different topwaters spook jr moonwalker and yozuri top knock pencil with no hits only 1 small pop by a small trout on the spook Jr but as soon as i started fishing with the gulp paddletail its catching time but I know everyone has there favorites thanks for the info and all you do😉

Terry McLaughlin
1 year ago

Great report Matt. You Keep them coming I will continue to learn ( hopefully). Thanks


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