Dodging Rainstorms & Chasing Inshore Fish With Insider Members [Fishing Report]


Dodging rain and chasing fish!!!

As most of you already know, we get a TON of rain during the summers down in Florida.

Some of my favorite fishing is right after a huge storm rolls through.

Check this out!!

Dodging Rain And Chasing Fish [VIDEO]

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Lures That Caught Fish:

The first thing I always check is if there is any lightning paired with the rainstorms.

Luckily, this was only a rainshower and there was no lightning tagging along.

Storms often trigger a great bite and spark the fish into a feistier mode.

We did get wet on this trip but the rain died down later on and we were able to find a nice pocket of fish.

From then on we just kept reeling in fish after fish.


The Gold Digger BOMBER, Moonwalker, and F.R.E.D. paddletail absolutely crushed it on this trip.

I even had some luck on the Strike King KVD Wake Bait.

If you can SAFELY get out before or after a rainstorm, try to get some lines in the water because those fish will be fired up!

Do you have any additional questions about this trip?

Have you had any luck before or after storms in the past?

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Kim MacCartney
1 year ago

Matt…If you can hear thunder you are well within the range of being struck by lightning. Fishing in the surf on the north end of Long Beach Island a friend was fishing the south end of Island Beach State Park, the next island north. We could see the lightning but using the count to five method the storm was at least ten miles away. My buddy, holding a graphite surf rod, got struck and died instantly. Since then I never fish if I can hear thunder. In a kayak with a rod in the air you are a lightning rod and the high point around. Don’t want to someday read about you or another Insider coming to an early demise when it can be prevented.


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