The Slam Shady Bomber Paddletail Lure Mini-Course


Welcome to the Slam Shady BOMBER paddletail lure mini course!

This post will show you everything you need to know in order to maximize your results when using this excellent lure to catch redfish, seatrout, snook, and a wide variety of other species.

You’ll see detailed video lessons showing the following:

  1. How To Retrieve
  2. How To Rig
  3. Setting The Hook
  4. Essential Equipment (rods, reels, & line)
  5. Skip Casting Tips
  6. Getting Out Of Mangroves
  7. When To NOT Use The SS Bomber
  8. Storing Tips/Recommendations

And at the bottom of this page is a Comments section in which you can ask questions and get answers to anything relating to these BOMBER paddletails.

Here are the lessons:

How To Retrieve

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➡ Click here to order these BOMBER lures

How To Rig

➡ Get these weighted hooks

➡ Get these jig heads

➡ Get these Texas Eye jig heads

Setting The Hook

Essential Equipment (rods, reels, & line)

➡ Get this braid line

➡ Get this leader line

➡ Get a rod that works great with the Bomber here

➡ Get a reel that works great with the Bomber here

Skip Casting Tips

Getting Out Of Mangroves

When To NOT Use The BOMBER

This BOMBER lure is at its best when fishing expansive shallow areas with 5 inch+ baitfish because it casts a mile and its easy retrieve enables you to cover a lot of water with minimal effort.

Its big paddletail puts off a lot of vibration in the water which enables it to attract fish by both sight and feel from a good distance.

The situation where this lure is at its worse is when fishing smaller zones of structure in calm shallow water when you don’t need to cover an expansive area…

In that situation, the Alabama Leprechaun rigged on a weighted hook is the way to go.

Also, this BOMBER lure can be too big to use during periods where only small baitfish are in the area (winter and early spring)…

When fishing areas with smaller baitfish, you’ll need to use a smaller paddletail like the Slam Shady 2.0.

Storing Tips

Just like all soft plastics, it’s important to not mix them with other brands when you’re storing them.

Most importantly, do NOT store these SS Bombers with any lures made by ZMan (even the original Slam Shady lures due to them being made from Zman’s Elaztech material).

This is because some materials have a chemical reaction when exposed to different materials from other soft plastics.

I personally recommend storing them in their packages they come in to make sure that aren’t any accidental touches against other soft plastics.

If you want to store them in a tackle tray, you of course can do that as long as they are isolated into their own section.

This material does not require that you keep it wet, so you can store it for long periods of time while rigged on your rod and you can even store them pre-rigged in your tackle tray as well.


This new lure is an excellent choice if you’re fishing for redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder in shallow water.

It can help you cover a lot of water with very little effort which will enable you to more consistently find the top feeding zones because of how much water you can fish.

Best of all, it’s easy to retrieve so your wrist won’t be tired from having to retrieve this lure even if you fish it all day long.

Guarantee: Just like all of our Salt Strong products, we fully stand behind their performance with a 100% satisfaction guarantee… so if you get them and find that you somehow aren’t catching a lot of fish with them, all you have to do is let us know and we’ll process a refund for what you paid for them.

➡ Click here to order the SS BOMBER lures

If you have any questions about the Bombers, please do not hesitate to let us know using the comment box below.

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Steve Shaneyfelt
12 days ago

Come to Fort Morgan Ala!

Chris Murphey
1 month ago

Awesome info. Especially the hook set info. Being in a Kayak, and so low to the water when sitting, it’s easy to catch yourself trying to set upwards. And upward set can work from time to time but over all a side to side set seems to produce way higher numbers. I also feel like it less movement on the boat or in the kayak. Meaning it’s making less noise and waves or vibrations coming from the boat or kayak. Especially the kayak. But of course with side to side or upward or any other way keeping the line tight is a key factor. Great piece gentlemen.
As for the Boomer. It’s easy….. They catch Big…… hold on let me say that again…. BIG Fish.. If trophy fish is your game, and the Slam Shady color is your fame. It’s a no Brainer in my personal first hand experience. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love and use the OG 3″ regularly. But when I’m targeting a certain area known for Mule trout.. or big Bulls, it’s boomer time. Count on it..
You will never have a chance if you don’t take one.. Give everything but up!

Kelly McCann
1 month ago

Great videos on Hook sets and skipping!

5 months ago

Thanks for the great content. I really love the Slam Bombers, but here in SE Georgia the tide differential is so great that it’s hard to get them down to the fish with the size jig heads available. Would love for you guys to come fish the Golden Isles and give us some tactical advice!!

Chuck Wright
5 months ago

I live in the FL panhandle near Destin. I was walking the beach prospecting for spring Reds in the surf with an SS 2.0, casting up onto the first bar and popping it off the inside drop offs in the surf wash when I ran into schools of blues in the 16-20 inch range looking for bait fish. My first hook up bit through the 15lb leader. Grrrr. So I switched to the Bomber thinking it might be big enough to keep the line out of their mouths. (I didn’t have any heavy leader with me.). Worked like a charm! I caught 15 or so before I had to quit (no reds yet) and I had a great time with the blues. And like you said – it casts like a rock so I was able to reach spots I hadn’t been able to reach with SS.

A couple times they bit the back half off and I just thew it back out and still caught fish (blues are suicidal that way), but even half of a Bomber has a great profile LOL!

Probably not the application you had in mind when designing the Bomber, but it sure works well on the blues. A hard bait or a spoon probably would have caught just as many fish and not cost me a bag of Bombers, but hey, sometimes you just have to go with what’s on hand!

9 months ago

Shout out to Joe – I did buy 2 types of fish bites – for surf fishing & off rocks shrimp & sand flea

9 months ago

Luke, headed to Nicaragua w Slam Shady 2.0 & Bombers & Shrimp w Dr Juice- hooks are hard to come by so I ended up getting a bunch of Texas Eye TeXL / 1/8 Mustad Power lock + for off rocks 10-12 ft & surf – gonna try the bomber off the boat as well.
BYW -New member great staff & Kayleigh -customer service – actually got a call from Justin helped me out- love Wyatt surf fishing YouTube – grateful
For all you guys do

Richard Fiorentino
9 months ago

Noticed that you are recommending the TFO tactical. Is it recommended over the TFO pro? If so, why? Is the butt the same length? Is it lighter? Thanks

Matthew Broome
10 months ago

Question, I have been using the bomber on and off for about a year now, is this an updated version of that lure or is this just a case of the tutorial just now being uploaded?

I fish very murky/muddy waters and the larger profile and thump of the Bomber has made it my personal favorite catching everything from trout/reds/flounder. I love using it as a replacement plastic for my Trout and Redfish Magic lures.

Carlos Davila
11 months ago

Got mine, we’ll be trying them out this weekend. Hopefully I’ll finally earn my Salt Strong decal!


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