Has The Magic Returned? [Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip]


On a recent Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip, I saw shades of the past GLORY that was Mosquito Lagoon!!

The seagrass was TALL and PLENTIFUL!

Redfish were tailing and cruising all over.

Don’t miss this footage!!

Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip [VIDEO]

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Once I got out on the Lagoon, it was tailing redfish and luscious seagrass as far as the eye can see!

My goal was to try and pluck off a few tailing fish and then try to pick out a few fish from a school, that is if I can find one.

I was filled with pure joy just to see clear water, tailing fish, and seagrass.

Weedless applications are ideal when fishing for tailing redfish like this.

Especially when using the Hoss Helix Hook, your presentations remain weedless but also have the right size hook gap to stick and bury in the fish’s mouth.

The most important thing is to keep tension on the line.

As long as you stay tight on the fish, the hook will remain buried in its mouth.

The key is to maintain contact and anticipate its runs.

Later on in this trip, I was thankful I had a 30lb leader tied on.

A really nice snook came up and swallowed the Moonwalker as I worked it around a point.

Power Prawn USA Junior Gold Digger

Every single tailing redfish I caught on this trip was using the Power Prawn USA Junior in the Gold Digger color.

I caught over a dozen tailing redfish within the past few weeks on ONE of these lures and you get six in the package.

These lures last a while and catch a ton of fish.


Blue tails and green heads!!!

Healthy redfish in the Mosquito Lagoon had me thinking it was 2007 again.

This trip was special and I hope a sign of growth and a return of stability to the lagoon.

➡Get the Power Prawn USA Junior Gold Digger

➡Get 3/0 Hoss Helix Hooks

Do you have any more questions for me about this Mosquito Lagoon Scouting Trip?

Let me know what you think of this report down in the comments!!

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John S Howard Jr
5 months ago

Back in the 70’s, I used to catch monster trount on an out bound tide at Turtle Mound free spooling live shrimp.

Curt Campbell
6 months ago

Super excited to hear the recent reports from you and Tony regarding clear water and seagrass in the lagoon. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this is a new trend and not a blurp! I’ll look forward to your future reports – keep up the good work!

Brandon Griffin
7 months ago

I was out there this past Sunday found plenty of bait went to a couple hot spots that where supposed to be “great” lots of bait but not a single bite.

Terry McLaughlin
7 months ago

Great report Coach Justin. Your knowledge and willingness to share with everyone is awesome. Please keep the videos coming as they are a great learning tool for me. Thanks and it’s greatly appreciated

Luke Simonds
7 months ago

Great report Justin! So glad to see that the grass is coming back over there.

Jon Lauda
7 months ago

I really hope it’s on its way back. We were out a couple of months ago up near oakville. The water looked good. Got into one small red and snook. Saw a few black drum. Was my first time up there. Fingers crossed for the future. I never got to experience it in its prime.

Markus Quinones
7 months ago

What area did you find the sea grass?
North, Central or South?

Eric Pruitt
7 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

I’ve just got into inshore fishing, I’ve only been to haulover canal to fish…. Is there any grass around there… I know nothing else about the lagoon…. Any intel would be great appreciate…. Still trying to catch my first red

Eric Pruitt
7 months ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thanks for the commercial…. I didn’t know advice was so expensive these days

Last edited 7 months ago by Eric Pruitt


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