First Redfish On The NEW F.R.E.D. Lure Profiles [BOMBER + Power Prawn!]


NEW F.R.E.D. lure profiles are coming SOON Salt Strong Nation!

F.R.E.D. stands for “Fooling Redfish Every Day” and the color itself is a light pink with some silver fleck sprinkled throughout.

Right now, you can get this lure color in paddletail, jerk shad, or artificial shrimp lure form.

Check these lures out in action below!!

NEW F.R.E.D. Lure Profiles [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

Sometimes the most memorable fishing trips are the ones you don’t expect to be great.

When I got out to the water, I could see it was dead calm with barely a hint of wind.

On top of that, the water was littered with floating grass and debris.

It can be a slow bite when there’s lots of floating grass around but I lucked out and had an excellent trip.

Part of that may be due to the fact I was out trying a F.R.E.D. BOMBER lure prototype.

This lure flat-out performed and shined all day.


F.R.E.D. held up to its name on this trip!!

The F.R.E.D. lure color is a tried and true redfish magnet and now with more lure profiles coming SOON.

Keep an eye out for when the F.R.E.D. BOMBERS become available in our shop but head on over and grab some Power Prawn USA Junior F.R.E.D. lures today!

Do you have any additional questions related to the NEW F.R.E.D. lure profiles?

Let me know what you think of these lures down in the comments section!!

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1 year ago

What terminal tackle “fastclip” did you use to change to gold spoon so fast?

Angelo Durso
1 year ago

solid insights Matt, appreciate how well you illustrated the change in cadence on the retrieve leading to a nice Red chomping on your lure. thank you!

Richard Thomas
1 year ago

Awesome job Brotha!! Killing it on the FRED!

Rudy Sedges
1 year ago

That was a great day. I can’t believe you never throw a gold spoon that’s one of my go-to lures when nothing else is working for redfish especially in the Indian River mosquito lagoon area


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