Native Fishing Apps VS. Progressive Fishing Apps


What is the difference between native apps VS. progressive apps?

Do progressive apps have all the same features as native apps you download from app stores?

Progressive Web Apps, just like Smart Fishing Spots, are changing the game.

In this episode, we detail why we chose to make Smart Fishing Spots a Progressive Web App and why you should get familiar with these types of apps and platforms.

Check this out!!

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Native Apps VS. Progressive Apps [PODCAST]

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Here are timestamps to follow this episode along:

  • 1:55 – Native Apps VS. Progressive Apps
  • 4:44 – What is the difference?
  • 8:19 – New Features & Updates
  • 9:08 – Better Overall User Experience
  • 11:05 – Early App Development
  • 12:20 – Benefits of Progressive Web Apps
  • 14:29 – “Tracks” Feature on Smart Fishing Spots
  • 18:18 – Able To Install Progressive Web Apps To Your Home Screen
  • 19:19 – Efficiency of Web Apps
  • 21:00 – Smart Fishing Spots App
  • 25:40 – Join the Insider Club Today and Get This App For FREE

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Native Apps VS. Progressive Apps [VIDEO]

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Smart Fishing Spots has already transformed the way many of our Insider Members and Fishing Coaches plan their fishing trips.

The feedback has been PHENOMENAL!!!

Please keep sharing your awesome catches thanks to Smart Fishing Spots with us in the Insider Community!!

Do you have any more questions about native apps VS. progressive apps?

Have you been able to use it and find more fish?

Let us know what you think of Smart Fishing Spots down in the comments!

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Thomas Botwinski
1 year ago

So, here is a question on the progressive web app. I do a lot of offshore fishing. 40 miles off Captiva. Will this app allow my to view the bottom 40 miles out on my home computer with internet/ If it does, an I able to get long and lat coordinates that I can then install into my GPS (Garmin)



Nick Pavone
1 year ago

Yes, you can view the bottom and create routes with lng/lat coordinates. Then save and export the route into your GPS device.

Eric Seaberg
1 year ago

Great insight now on why you didn’t create a native app. Make so much sense. Thank you for sharing. The HELP still needs help though. Opening the local Tides Forecast and Weather is a bit glitchy. Can it be open within Smart Fishing instead of a new page?


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