Battling Big Fish On A Tough & Windy Day [Fishing Report]


Earlier last week, I was out battling BIG fish on a windy day in my neck of the woods!


Don’t miss this INSANE action!!

Big Fish On A Tough & Windy Day [VIDEO]

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We all want to catch bigger fish, right?

That can be a tough task during a seasonal transition period like the one we will experience coming up shortly.

Find your confidence bait and use that to scan an area to locate those big fish.

The F.R.E.D. paddletail is my confidence bait that helped me find the fish on this super windy day.

Once I found the fish, I switched over to a larger BOMBER paddletail.

The idea behind this switch is to target and land bigger fish.

Larger bait profiles are easier for big fish to find in windy conditions and they want to eat as big of a meal as possible to avoid having to expend lots of energy on small, low-calorie meals.

Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent always enhances the overall presentation as well.


how to trick big fish to bite

If you want to target BIG fish, you need to use BIG lures.

Especially on windy or tough weather days, larger baits will displace more water and create more vibration to call fish in.

Just a little bit of extra thinking and you can get on some over-slot fish in no time!

Do you have any additional questions about targeting bigger fish and what lures you might need?

Drop your questions and comments down below!!

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Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Good points in your video Matt. what a beauty of a trout too.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Nice pivot out there!

Angelo Durso
1 year ago

thanks Matt, really good insights on a simple adjustment during high winds. beautiful fish you caught too!


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