The Complete Bull Redfish Kit For Catching Big Fish In Shallow Murky Water

By: Joseph Simonds on November 13, 2019
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bull redfish in louisiana

It’s BULL Redfish time!

Yes, we’re talking rod-bending, drag-pulling giant redfish!

And specifically, we’re talking about everything you need to catch them when you’re fishing in shallow murky water.

We’ve brought back the crowd-favorite Capt. Mark “HOLLYWOOOD” Johnson from to help us on this journey.

Ready to see the ten things you need to wrangle in some bull redfish?

Watch the video below.

Everything You Need To Catch Bull Redfish [VIDEO]

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Here’s everything you need to catch big bull redfish when fishing shallow murky water:

Popping Corks

To learn more about how to rig popping corks for big redfish, check out this article here.

Leader Material

When targeting the big bulls, we usually step up our leader strength and go for 40 or 60lb test leader.

Jig Heads

Capt. Hollywood recommends 1/2 oz 6/0 long shank wide gap jig heads.

Soft Plastics

On this fishing trip, we were using the Slam Shady paddletail (Insiders only).

Check out this incredible video of the Slam Shady in action catching big redfish and black drum!

redfish school slam shady lure paddletail

Main Line

Capt. Hollywood recommends using 15-20lb braided line.

4000 Series Reel

These are strong fish, so we stepped it up from our normal 2000-3000 series reels.

To see our inshore fishing reel reviews, click here.

7′ Spinning Rod

To see our inshore spinning rod reviews, click here.

Long Grabber

These are big fish that can suck down that jig head, so to make sure we can get it out, Capt. Hollywood always recommends bringing a long grabber.

You can get one from Amazon here.


Whether there are sharks or big catfish around, or you’re using a topwater lure with two treble hooks, a dehooker can always come in handy.

Boga Grip

Having a tool like a Boga Grip helps you grab, weigh, take a picture with, and release fish.

You can get one from Amazon here.


everything needed to catch bull redfish

Alright, now that you have everything you need to catch big bull reds, the only thing left to do is go out and catch them!

Check out these articles to read more about catching bull reds:

And if you want to learn more about Capt. Hollywood and his guide services in the Florida Keys, check out his website at

Have any questions about catching bull redfish?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Steven Free
6 months ago

Great info the only problem being is I don’t live in Venice Louisiana I live in Jacksonville fl and while the water here is murky as well I have never heard any of the local guides talk about using soft plastics on popping corks to catch bull redfish here they all use a quarter or half bluecrab on a big hook about an 8 ought with alot of weight to keep the bait on the bottom and heavy rods and reels and now is not the time here to catch them sept and late spring yes but not wintertime here in northeast fl big difference from Louisiana

Thomas Campbell
6 months ago

Wonder if these techniques would work I. The Florida pan handle. Not just for bulls but all reds and maybe trout?