NEW PADDLETAIL LURE (with scales)!!!



But this isn’t your average soft plastic paddletail lure.

This lure has SCALES!

In a few short months, you can get your hands on our brand-new fishing lure.

Find out more in the episode below!!

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode to follow along with:

  • 1:40 – NEW Salt Strong Property!!
  • 2:40 – Research & Development for NEW LURE
  • 7:00 – Hidden Benefits to New Paddletail
  • 8:40 – Salt Strong Soft Plastic Lure Design
  • 10:10 – Comparing to the BOMBER
  • 12:30 – The Creative Process
  • 16:25 – Tests & Experiments
  • 19:40 – NEW Lure Sizes
  • 21:50 – The Mulligan Lure
  • 23:05 – Estimated Arrival!!!
  • 24:42 – Join the Insider Club TODAY


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simple trick to get more bites on big paddletails

How exciting is this?!?!?!

The NEW Salt Strong Mulligan has scales and increased casting distance compared to other paddletail lures.

When are you most excited to use this lure?

What species would you target with it?

Tell us what you think in the comments!!

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4 months ago

Thanks for another awesome lure guys. Can hardly wait until they hit the tackle store.

Kevin Boland
4 months ago

Are these available yet on the shop page? The video said October but I still don’t see them. Just curious. Love the idea and def want to try them out.

Kevin Boland
4 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds


Minister Brian Bordley
4 months ago

Looks lklike another successful lure and like the marketing plan to introduce ss color 1st =hen implement to the other colors.

Paul Schroder
6 months ago

Can I just put in my pre-order for a hundred pack in each size and color now?
Really looking forward to these! I know when you guys do the R&D, they are what you say they are. Based on all of the other lures you’ve developed in the past, these are bound to be the best ones out there.

George Layton
6 months ago

My thought is that the dimples will also affect molecular movement in the water producing just enough of a wave that could be detected by a fishes lateral lines i.e. SNOOK !!!! Look forward to the MULLIGAN !!

Jeff Snowden
6 months ago

Can you create pre-order 100 pack? I’m sure a bunch of people would love to get that first shipment

Mike Chang
6 months ago

Great idea! Looking forward to when it’s available. For your consideration….see if a Dr. Juice ointment can be developed that would reside in the dimples and make the scent last longer. (Clear-colored so it doesn’t interfere with the sparkling scale-like effect.) If successful, can give users the option of longer-lasting scent if they don’t require more casting distance.

Neal Hagood
6 months ago

Aside from the long casting, I am guessing that the dimples allow more surface area for the surface ‘sparkles’ to shine from so many different angles – like you said, “looks like scales”.
Sounds great & can’t wait to try and compare.

Joseph Miller
6 months ago

I’m trying to buy these. When can I?

Dave Rollins
6 months ago

USGA, United States Golf Association.

R&A, Royal and Ancient for golf outside the US. Golf and fishing are my 2 favorite activities.

Always love the new lure innovations guys!😄


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