Quick Gold Digger BOMBER Rigging Lesson [Plus When To Use!]


It’s NOW in the shop, so let’s go over the Gold Digger BOMBER rigging lesson!

Salt Strong BOMBER lures are 5-inch paddletails available in a variety of colors with more coming soon.

Find out more about how to best rig these lures in the video below!!

Gold Digger BOMBER Rigging Lesson [VIDEO]

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The BOMBER profile fits perfectly into the summer and fall bait profiles.

During these times of the year, the baitfish are larger in size making the 5-inch BOMBER the ideal choice.

Moreover, these lures work excellently well in dirty or muddy water with low visibility.

The gold flake in the lure does a phenomenal job of absorbing just enough light to attract fish.

I also will use this lure in low light conditions either first thing in the morning or later in the evening.

Personally, this is my favorite lure to use when fishing big mudflats and covering lots of ground.

This is a big profile bait that lets you cover tons of water and makes its presence known to predatory fish.

Rigging The Gold Digger BOMBER

Our Hoss Helix Hooks come in either a 3/0 or 4/0 size.

For the BOMBER lure size, the 4/0 hook is the ideal pairing.

First, take the centering pin of the Hoss Helix Hook and line that up directly in the center of the BOMBER lure.

Then, push the pin in and twist the soft plastic onto the centering pin until it is on securely.

You want to line it up to where the cut-out belly-slot of the bait is in line with the hook.

Make a marker with your thumb on the lure to note where the hook lay in the lure.

Then, slide the hook in and out through the top of the lure.

Be sure to stay in the center of the lure.

There is a small groove in the top of the lure that is designed for the hook to rest in.

Hoss Helix Hooks have a much wider hook gap than other weighted weedless hooks which makes it absolutely perfect for larger soft plastic lures.


when to use the gold digger bomber

Right now is an excellent time to pick up a pack of these lures and reel in some MONSTER fish!

Especially if you mostly fish in marshy areas with tannic or stained water, you’re going to want to have these lures out on the water with you.

If you have any other questions, comments, or anything else please let us know below!!

➡Get the Gold Digger BOMBER

➡Get 4/0 Hoss Helix Hooks

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David Atkins
8 months ago

Terrific,, as always video Richarf and great tip on rigging the bait, as always your videos ROCK, tight lines!

Mark Ethridge
9 months ago

Great video Richard! I ordered 4 bags of the Gold Digger Bombers and 4 packs of 4/0 1/8th weighted Hoss Helix Hooks to add to my supply.

A Rollins
9 months ago

Whoohoo! Just in time for the mullet run!

Joseph Tien
9 months ago

Has this been tested on flukes yet?

Mark R. Johnson
9 months ago

Just need to make the Bomber in the FRED color. Then we can have a “Bomber Bundle”

Rick Alessandrini
9 months ago

Excellent tutorial

Luke Simonds
9 months ago

Nice work Richard!


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