Artificial Shrimp Lure OUTPERFORMS Live Shrimp [Fishing Report]


Can there ever be a scenario where an artificial shrimp lure outperforms live shrimp?

Right now and in the coming weeks, there are tons of shrimp hatches around the southeast making shrimp the primary source of food.

Check this out!!

Shrimp Lure OUTPERFORMS Live Shrimp [VIDEO]

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I had the Power Prawn USA OG and Junior out there with me on this trip in various color options.

Usually on trips when I know the water is muddy, I’ll bring the cast net along to catch some live shrimp.

Then, the fish will tell you what they prefer!

Not long into my trip, I reeled in a decent trout on the Power Prawn USA.

As the tide started to push out, I made my way over to some deeper holes that I know of to try some live shrimp.

I was able to hook into another trout on a live shrimp a bit later on but the water got increasingly muddier and visibility was low with the tide moving out.

The conditions were set up perfectly for the Power Prawn USA in the Gold Digger color.

Much later in the trip, I became surrounded by finger mullet.

So I tied on the Natural Power Prawn USA Original to try and stand out amongst the rest.

The goal is to just glide the Power Prawn along the bottom slowly to trigger reaction strikes.


when shrimp lures beat live shrimp

Artificial lures completely OUTPERFORMED live shrimp on this trip!

By having various profiles and colors of the Power Prawn USA, you are able to think through a scenario and choose the most effective lure.

Take note of the water clarity, primary bait source as well as size of the bait source.

You can’t always control the conditions around you but you can equip yourself with the right lures to tackle any inshore fishing situation!

➡Get the Power Prawn USA Original

➡Get the Power Prawn USA Junior

Do you have any more questions about when or when not to use artificial shrimp lures?

Please share your own thoughts and questions below!!

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Pat Ogletree
6 months ago

Great job out there Richard!

Rod Rice
6 months ago

Great video!
For your incoming tide how close were you to the ocean inlet were the incoming water would have higher dissolved oxygen on the hot day?


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