Toadfish Stowaway Travel Fishing Rod Review


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Toadfish Travel Fishing Rod Review [VIDEO]

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The Toadfish Travel Rod comes in its own protective carrying case (without the reel in the video, of course).

The Pros

#1 – Multiple Midsection & Tip Pieces

The most unique feature of the Toadfish Travel Rod is that it actually comes with different rod tips you can choose from.

It is actually a 4-in-1 fishing rod setup.

The base piece of the rod is the same but the midsection can be changed out so you can control the power of the rod and change it to your liking.

The midsection options are Medium-Heavy and Medium, and the tip sections come in Moderate-Action and Fast-Action pieces.

I personally have been using the Medium-Heavy midsection paired with the Fast-Action rod tip.

The added bonus to tailoring the rod to your liking is if you are on a trip and you accidentally break your rod tip, you have an extra tip in the bag you can use.

Yes, it will have different action but you at least have a backup plan in the worst-case scenario.

#2 – Performance

Moreover, the actual feel of these fishing rods have been very impressive for a multi-piece rod.

The Fast-Action blank and Medium-Heavy midsection combo is what I like best for most of the artificial lures I use (paddletails, jerk baits, topwater plugs, etc).

If you are going to use live bait, then it would be best to switch to the Moderate action tip.

#3 – High-Quality Materials

The components of this rod are of high-quality and everything seems to have been carefully thought out.

Additionally, the carrying case is super durable and if you travel a lot, you will NOT be worried about your gear getting damaged.

The Cons

#1 – Multi-Piece Rods VS. Single Blank Rods

Multi-piece fishing rods are simply not going to perform as well as single blank rods.

If you can travel and fish well with a one-piece rod, then stick to what works for you.

The extra material that goes into each connection along the rod adds weight and are of higher risk to break.

#2 – Overall Weight

The blank of this rod is slightly heavier than other single-piece rods of its kind.

The butt section is also slightly heavier than normal.

However, the rod itself balances very well with a 2500-size reel.

#3 – Price

There are a lot of travel rods out there that are less expensive than Toadfish.

This setup comes in at just short of $200.

My impression is that the high-quality materials and ability to change out rod pieces to control power are what make it so unique.


unboxing toadfish fishing rod

This Toadfish travel rod has proven to be a great option for fishermen who do a lot of traveling. In fact, it’s my favorite travel rod that I have come across to date.

Given how well it did in the testing, we added it to our online fishing store to help Insider Members get these rods at a great price.

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If you have used this Toadfish travel rod or other travel rods in the past, please let us know your personal experiences down in the comments section!

Do you have any more questions about Toadfish in general or this travel rod?

Let me know your thoughts and experiences down below!

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John Smith
7 months ago

Great review Luke. Can you do a review for the new Bull Bay assault rod?

Glenn Wilson
8 months ago

I’ve got a couple of Okuma Nomad travel spinning rods (no longer made) with two tips (med and med lt) that work pretty well. We’ve used in Florida and Belize. Their case wasn’t as nice and I ended up using a different case when we travel. I’m gonna be sad when it comes time to replace them, as I’ll have to spend 2-3x what I paid for them 5 years ago.
It’s hard to find travel spinning rods for inshore fishing that are decent quality and affordable. It seems like you can find light and ultralight backpacking rods, cheap telescoping of questionable origin, or premium rods with prices to match. There’s no ” about a $100″ options anymore.

3 months ago
Reply to  Glenn Wilson

I recently bought 2 Daiwa Ardito TR 3 Pc Spinning Travel Rods, One is 7′ and the other 7’6″.
I recently used the 7’6″ in Florida fishing in the Indian River and caught a couple of Speckled Sea Trout as well as a bunch of Jack Crevalle.
The rod performed extremely well with a Daiwa 3000 Saltist. A couple of the Jacks were a nice size and really gave me a work out.
I can really recommend these rods which are nice and light and a very reasonable price range.$139.00 and they come in a very nice Carry Case (which fits easily into the Airplane Overhead)
I would recommend you check them out.

Jeff Snowden
9 months ago

Thanks for the review Luke. I have a couple Bass Pro Shop ProSeries 3 piece rods that come with a case, but I’m going to try this one for sure.

Wyatt Parcel
9 months ago

Those travel rods look AWESOME! Might have to pick up one here soon!

charles warren gustman
9 months ago

I am interested in the Travel rod for my Alaska trip, but I need to know how long the case is and if the rod can handle a one ounce Lure. Can anyone tell me as I can not see this info on the reviews.

Luke Simonds
9 months ago

The case for the 7’2″ rod is 32.5″, and the 6’8″ rod case is 31″.

The 7’2″ rod is rated for lures up to 1 ounce (I’m not sure about the 6’8″ one).

9 months ago

Doesn’t anyone fly? Most airlines in the USA now have a 22 inch or 24 inch maximum length. I have flown to both Mexico and Costa Rica with my 32 inch travel rod as carry-on but be denied on the return. Same airline. So be ready to pay extra luggage! And enjoy the great fishing you had.

9 months ago
Reply to  John

IT IS NOT THE AIRLINE. DIFFERENT COUNTRIES HAVE DIFFERENT RULES . That why most of the time you can get there but the return has different restrictions

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  Paul

Thanks for posting the helpful details on traveling with fishing rods Paul!

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  John

Thanks for letting us know to be careful about the tube lengths John.

Rob S
9 months ago
Reply to  John

TSA permits carry-on fishing rods but defers to the airlines to set their size limitations:

Carry-on Luggage Sizes: Size Restrictions by Airline: (AS OF 5/25/22)

9 months ago

Very interesting, thank you. Get that poor dog a new frisbee!

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  robert

The unfortunately was his new frisbee… he is quick to demolish them.

Robert Horne
9 months ago

The Fenwick Methods system is very similar and has been on the market for years. I’ve been using my Methods rod for years now, and of course find it very easy to carry on an airplane or stow in the car. The biggest “con” that I have experienced is that I almost never need the “faster” and “heavier action” rod segments, and from your description, the Toadfish may have that same drawback. Is there a travel rod out there that is more on the lighter action side than the Methods or Toadfish?

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  Robert Horne

Thanks for posting the helpful comment Robert. The MH mid section along with the Fast action tip feels similar to a Medium TFO Pro rod that I really like for all purpose inshore fishing. So switching to the Medium power mid and moderate tip would definitely get a lighter action feel.

Luke Earls
8 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I would think the heavier mid section for power and lighter tip would be the way to go for sensotivity throwing lighter say 1/8 oz jigs and power to land that big fish whem it hits….am i wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Im a member and considering buying for my wife and I for a St.John US virgin islands trip but wanting to find purpose for it here in Florida.

Rob S
9 months ago

A good addition to the SS Tackle Store. I’ve had the Toadfish Travel Rod for a couple years. I keep it permanently in my vehicle so it can be used anytime I see fish action or a great looking spot. I especially like the versatility of this rod which can be setup in different power and action combinations suitable for largemouth bass to nearshore saltwater species. The metal storage tube is virtually indestructible.

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  Rob S

Thanks for posting the helpful comment Rob!

Michael Josson
9 months ago

How does this compare to the TFO travel rod or the other travel rods on the market?

Luke Simonds
9 months ago
Reply to  Michael Josson

It feels similar to the TFO travel rod in terms of feel, but it’s definitely not as light. But for overall value, this Toadfish still have my vote because it feels nice and comes with the travel case.


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