Toadfish Rod & Reel Combos Are Now In The Shop!


We are pleased to report that we now have Toadfish Rod & Reel Combos (including 2-piece rods) in our shop!

If you’re in the market for a good rod/reel combo for a great price, then this Toadfish combo can be a great choice for you.

Best of all, you have a variety of options to choose from, so you’ll be able to have a customized setup based on the type of fishing that you’ll be doing. See the video below for details:

Toadfish Rod & Reel Combo [VIDEO]

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The rods included in the new combo are two-piece rods which makes them convenient for transporting to/from the water and for traveling.

Guidance For Selection

My personal favorite is the 7’2 Medium-Heavy Fishing Rod.

The feel of this fishing rod feels more like the Medium Power rods from TFO that I often use. If you plan on throwing artificial lures, this outfit is a great blend of power and action.

On the other hand, if you plan on using live bait or very small lures, you’ll want to go down to a Medium (or even Medium-Light) rod.

As far as reel options go, you can go with either the 2500 or 3000-size reels. Both options match up great with the rods.

I recommend the 2500 for inshore fishermen who are using lighter braid (15 lb or less) because it’ll hold plenty of line while saving some money. But if you’ll be using line stronger/thicker than 15 lb braid, the 3000 size has the edge.

For the type of fishing I do most often, the 2500-size reel paired with the 7’2 Medium-Heavy rod is my favorite pairing.


We would love to hear your own personal feedback on any Toadfish rods and reels down below!!

Have you ever fished with a Toadfish rod before?

A full review of this Toadfish Rod & Reel Combo is coming soon but in the meantime, please share with us your own personal experiences with Toadfish rods and reels below!!

➡Click here to check out the Toadfish Rod & Reel Combo

Do you have any questions about this combo?

Let us know down in the comments section!!

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John Haynie
7 months ago

I’ve fished the medium combo with the 2500 for six months now. Using an 8lb test braid you can cast a mile. Great balance and feel. Cons: eyes mount showing rust. Made in China really sucks since they are our enemy and use child labor. I notified them my concerns but got no reasonable response. Support made in the USA and don’t buy until the Toad moves home!

Ernie Hebert
7 months ago

I would like combo with rod in 1 piece not 2

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Ernie Hebert

Toadfish unfortunately does not offer that combo at this time.

Omer Dumais
7 months ago

I have a medium- light combo that I use for inshore finesse or small bait fishing. It feels and works great with a ned jig or 1/16 twistlock weighted hook. I am using their 8 lbs teal color braid with a 15 lbs mono leader. It has a very soft tip, so heavier baits do not cast well, but a nub SS or FRED on a 1/10 Ned jig casts great and has good action bouncing off the bottom imitating a shrimp. Must say the color combination and the matching line color are distinctive and cool. I would by the medium or medium – heavy for my next larger bait gear. Seems like a very good and well matched product.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Omer Dumais

Thanks for making time to post the helpful comment Omer!

Dana Endorf
7 months ago

I bought the combo a few months ago. I already owned one of the Toadfish rods, so I was excited to see the combo. So far, I really like the combo. I’ve found you have to be careful with the toadfish rods. They are not as durable as some rods, but overall it’s a nice setup. I love the weight of it. I fish with it out of a kayak and it does wonderful.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Dana Endorf

Thanks for making time to post the helpful intel Dana!

Jimmy McCullar
7 months ago

I have the 2500 on medium light rod. I bought it for fresh water but I do use it for my smaller salt baits. It cast really far and feels great. My only complaint is the rubber on the butt of the rod is a little rough on the hand when casting all day.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Jimmy McCullar

Thanks for posting the helpful comment Jimmy!

john mandt
7 months ago

This is great! I bought the combo when it first came out and I’ve been very happy with it. I went with the 7’2″ Medium Moderate with the 3000 reel. The feel, balance and sensitivity are great. It’s sensitive enough to catch those pinfish trying to steal your shrimp and stout enough to real the bigger fish. The reel is made well for saltwater fishing and my next set up will be the same one only with the more stout 7’2″ Medium Heavy rod. My only complaint is that I seem to get a lot of instances where the line wraps around the tip of the rod, which can get somewhat annoying fishing out of a kayak. All in all, I’m pretty excited about the announcement.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  john mandt

Thanks for posting the helpful intel John!

Jason Shoemake
7 months ago

Love the look!!…inspired by Justin.
Is there line to match? If so is it in the store?

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Jason Shoemake

Thanks Jason! They do make line that matches the color of the rod/reel combo. We don’t yet offer it in our online store, but we most likely will soon.

Mike shannon
7 months ago

I have 4 of these rods I luv them for the price pointe be careful with tips break easily and you only get one replacement. They have stock issues so you might have to wait awhile for replacement.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Mike shannon

Thanks for posting the helpful comment Mike!

Dale King
7 months ago

I’ve used toadfish rods for a few years now, they’re good rods. Cast well, plenty of strength, no cork but the grips have plenty of traction for your hands. Good rod to add to the collection.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Dale King

Thanks for making time to post the helpful comment Dale!

Simeon Cessna
7 months ago

I own 4 toadfish rods with penn battle III dx reels. I’ve got everything from sand trout to slot reds, black drum even bull reds. Never used the toadfish reels. They weren’t available at the time.

Luke Simonds
7 months ago
Reply to  Simeon Cessna

Thanks for making time to post the helpful comment Simeon!


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