TROUT ON DEMAND (Epic Trout Bite & How To Find Spots Like This)

One after the next, this is TROUT ON DEMAND!!!


What a day Luke and I had just last week out fishing a familiar channel for some speckled seatrout.

Little did we know, our arms would get so tired from reeling in fish all day.

Check this out!!

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This episode was jam-packed with non-stop trout action, so here’s a timestamped version to follow along:

  • 2:00 – Trout ON DEMAND
  • 2:35 – Summertime Trout Fishing Tactics
  • 6:07 – Lures & Jigheads
  • 7:06 – How YOU Can Find A Spot Like This
  • 9:33 – Don’t Need to Worry About Noise
  • 10:38 – Mix Up Your Retrieves
  • 11:18 – Underwater Trout Strike Footage
  • 14:19 – THIS is how to prevent the SKUNK
  • 16:13 – Freshwater Bass Fishing Reports
  • 17:20 – Ideal Weather Situation
  • 18:05 – Smart Fishing Spots 4K Satellite Maps
  • 21:05 – The 90/10 Zone
  • 21:52 – The Current Trends


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winter trout fishing troubles

These are the days you DREAM of!

When you’re heading out to the ramp or beach, you picture reeling in fish after fish and that is exactly what it was like on this trip.

You can replicate these results wherever you are if you find a channel with moving water and the conditions described in this episode!

Do you have any additional questions about catching speckled trout on demand?

Let us know what you thought of this episode down in the comments section!!

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Tim McKinnon
7 months ago

I fish Marco Island with no grass but some nice channels. What then? Would love to take friends out for this type of fishing.

Norman Sullivan
7 months ago

Slam shady 2.0! Trout love it.


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