Match The Hatch With THIS Classic Fall Lure

Match the hatch this upcoming Fall with THIS classic autumn lure!

We are FASTLY approaching fall and right now, we find ourselves on the brink of a seasonal transition period.

What lure do you need to trigger strikes this fall?

Learn all about it below!!

Match The Hatch [VIDEO]

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During this time of the year, more fish begin to school up and the amount of bait in the water skyrockets.

This is when I break out bladed baits.

Bladed baits provide extra flash in the water as well as a greater presence in the water.

Spinner baits like the Strike King Redfish Magic are phenomenal during this time of the year.

This is an excellent lure both during the spring and fall and even during the summer if you are fishing in super dirty water.

The additional flash and bigger presence of the Redfish Magic is designed to mimic a school of bait and stand out amongst the rest.

Believe it or not, bladed spinner baits like the Redfish Magic are customizable and can be altered to your style of fishing.

You can change out and use any soft plastic of your choosing on this rig.

As far as where to cast a rig like this, you should aim for grass lines.

Try and run a spinner bait like this parallel to a grass line.

The fish are most likely sitting in the grass waiting for an opportunity to strike unsuspecting baitfish.

Fish cannot help but respond to the vibration and commotion caused by the Redfish Magic rig cruising along the grass.


redfish magic review

Bladed and spinner baits are EXCELLENT for late summer heading into early fall.

As fish begin to school up, so does the bait.

If you want to crush more fish this upcoming fall, then you NEED a Strike King Redfish Magic in your tackle box!!

➡Get Strike King Redfish Magic

Do you have any more questions about how to match the hatch this upcoming fall?

What is your confidence lure for fishing in early fall?

Let me know in the comments section!!

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Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Thanks for the lesson Matt. This lure has worked extremely well for me during the summer to fall transition period. My initial retrieve wasn’t quite right, but over time I figured out what attracted the fish.

Salt Strong! Thomas

AJ Cheung
1 year ago

Thanks for sharing Matt!
So fun seeing the catches with you out there on the kayak. Take care

Wyatt Parcel
1 year ago

Way to go man!! Those were some solid catches!

Guy Mutchler
1 year ago

Great tip. I’m a fresh water fisherman that is trying to move past the squid on the bottom technique. I have never considered using a spinnerbait in salt water. Thanks for the education.

Mark Johnson
1 year ago

Good tip, Matt. Just got a few of these to try down here in SW FL.

ps….I’m a different Mark Johnson than the one you replied to below!

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Johnson
Steven Free
1 year ago

You bet I’m always talking about using paddletail spinnerbaits for both reds and flounder both although I have now found in the last 3 years the zman spinnerbaits are far superior then the redfish magics the magics wire sometimes bends to a point of not being able to straiten it back to its original shape but the zmans are very tough almost like the old bass terminator spinnerbaits made years ago I have caught some big over slot sized reds and big doormat flounder with the zmans and have yet to bend the wire and about 99 percent of the time especially if the waters murky I put on a gulp morning glory(black with red flakes and chartruese tail) paddletail on it and also tip it with a small piece of fishbites in shrimp scent I use alot of scent because I know both reds and flounder use there sence of smell to locate prey anyways thanks for the info and all you do👍😉

Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Another good one Matt. Will be breaking out some old tackle and trying the spinners in salt water now.

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

Thanks Matt. Have you ever tried the Zman Chatter bait from the Fishstrong store? I didn’t know if they would work well in this situation as well. Zman also makes a spinner bait. I didn’t know if you tried that one as well.

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

Thanks Matt.. Have you ever tried the Zman Chatter Bait from the Fishstrong store? Didn’t know if it would work well in this situation?

ZMan also offers a spinnerbait. I didn’t know if you had tried them as well. Looking for your thoughts and opinions. Thanks

Jelani Thornton
1 year ago

Good stuff, Matt


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