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“Fishing provides that connection with the whole living world. It gives you the opportunity of being totally immersed, turning back into yourself in a good way. A form of meditation, some form of communion with levels of yourself that are deeper than the ordinary self” – Ted Hughes

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How To Find Fish In A Tournament (And What NOT To Do) [Insider Report]

I recently fished a kayak tournament, and I had some serious lessons learned. I had my plan of attack, I spent hours on prep work,...
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September 2022 Insider Club Giveaway [Plus August Winner Announcement!!]

It’s giveaway time Insider Members!!! Every month we give away an AMAZING prize to a lucky Insider Member as a thank you to those who are...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [September 16th to 18th]

This lesson shows the #1 thing to look for this weekend based on the latest trends as we approach the Fall season.
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Catching Fish On Artificial Lures & Dead Bait [Insider Report]

On this exploration trip, I had a few learning experiences, and also some surprising moments. You will see how NOT to cast to a tailing...
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How To Catch Black Drum Using THIS Simple Shrimp Rig

Here's how to catch black drum using THIS super simple shrimp rig! If you happen to stumble upon a school of black drum or if you are...
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Match The Hatch With THIS Classic Fall Lure

Match the hatch this upcoming Fall with THIS classic autumn lure! We are FASTLY approaching fall and right now, we find ourselves on the...
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How To Sight Fish In Murky Water [Insider Report]

On this trip, I wanted to fish in an area where I believed there would be fish located in a tidal creek and also find...
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Dodging Storms & Rocks While Exploring New Waters [Insider Report]

This Insider Report shows how to find redfish in shallow marshes on falling tides even while exploring new waters.
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How To Catch Schooling Redfish Using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons

Here's how to catch schooling redfish using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons!! I was out fishing with a fellow Insider Member and we found...
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How To Prevent Lures From Getting Snagged In Trees

Are there measures you can take to prevent lures from getting snagged in trees and mangroves? "Weedless" lures can sometimes NOT be so..
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BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [Gold Digger VS. Slam Shady]

I shook things up and conducted a BOMBER Paddletail lure color test in my last Insider Report! Will the Gold Digger or Slam Shady perform...
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3 Bad Habits Every Saltwater Fisherman Should Give Up

It's time to address and take care of the bad habits of saltwater fishermen! Anglers across ALL LEVELS make these mistakes!!...
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The Truth About Fishing Conservation – It’s WAY BIGGER Than You Think

THIS IS THE TRUTH ABOUT FISHING CONSERVATION!!! It's time for us to become Conservationists. The purpose of this podcast episode...
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Fishing Dirty Water VS. Fishing Clean Water [Fishing Report]

Fishing dirty water vs clean water? What water clarity are you fishing in most of the time? In this video, you'll see how I change the...
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Testing NEW BOMBER Paddletail Lures [When To Use Each]

On a recent inshore fishing trip, I had the chance to start testing NEW BOMBER paddletail lures that are coming to the shop soon!!...
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