Testing NEW BOMBER Paddletail Lures [When To Use Each]

On a recent inshore fishing trip, I had the chance to start testing NEW BOMBER paddletail lures that are coming to the shop soon!!

The BOMBER is our 5-inch paddletail lure that is NOW coming to the shop in a variety of different colors.

Check these new BOMBER lures in action below!!

Testing NEW BOMBER Paddletail Lures [VIDEO]

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As most of us know, the bait is larger and aplenty in the fall which means bigger swimbaits and paddletail lures are a NECESSITY.

The BOMBER profile mimics large meals putting off lots of vibration and triggering strikes.

Our F.R.E.D. BOMBER is now available with the Ala-BOMBER on its way shortly behind!

The fish I caught on the Ala-BOMBER is particularly noteworthy for me just because of how chaotic the entire fight was.

It threw me for a loop and I almost broke a few rods in the process.


F.R.E.D. stands for “Fooling Redfish Every Day” and it does in fact live up to its name.

This light-pink color with some silver mixed in works in just about any type of water clarity.

It is a perfect middle ground for fishing near freshwater run-off or if there is any silt in your area.


The Ala-BOMBER is short for Alabama Leprechaun BOMBER.

The Alabama Leprechaun lure color is mostly green with some red and gold flake sprinkled in.

This lure excels when the sun is high and you’re fishing on top of or near a grass flat.


how to trick big fish to bite

BIG redfish love the BOMBER profile, especially right now!!

The perfect rig for monster redfish this fall is a Salt Strong BOMBER lure rigged up on a 4/0 Hoss Helix Hook.

This is the BEST way to match the hatch and reel in some personal bests!!

➡Get the F.R.E.D. BOMBER

➡Get Hoss Helix Hooks

Are you still curious about anything related to any of the BOMBER paddletail lures?

Let me know what you think of these lure colors down in the comments section!!

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Terry McLaughlin
1 year ago

Thanks Matt. Great informative video. I will definitely try some of your suggestions. Keep the videos coming

Wyatt Parcel
1 year ago

Awesome work Matt!!!


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