BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [Gold Digger VS. Slam Shady]


I shook things up and conducted a BOMBER Paddletail lure color test in my last Insider Report!

Will the Gold Digger or Slam Shady perform best?

Find out in the video below!!

BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color Test [VIDEO]

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For this experiment, I had both lures rigged on 4/0 Hoss Helix Hooks in the 1/8 oz. weight tied on with 20lb Fluorocarbon leader material.

The mainline for both setups is also a 10lb braid to maintain continuity.

The goal of this experiment is to answer these questions: Is it more important to match your lures to the water color or clarity and when should you be using either of these lure colors?

For this test, I made 3 casts with one lure and then switched to casting the other lure 3 times and continued this over the entire trip.

I kept track of the number of strikes and hook sets each lure had throughout the day.

I did, however, bump it up to 5 casts per lure later on because of the noise caused by changing out the rods behind me on the kayak.

At this point in the trip, I was fishing a creek mouth stacked with redfish but I had the Gold Digger rigged on.

They didn’t seem too bothered by the Gold Digger.

So I changed rods and within a few reels of the Slam Shady BOMBER, I hooked into a nice red!!

As a result of the recent shrimp hatches and there being so much white shrimp in the water, the fish did not respond to the Gold Digger lure color at all.

The Slam Shady lure color better resembles the recently hatched white shrimp and the fish were dialed in on that color and profile.


Final Score: Gold Digger (2) and Slam Shady (3)

Although the score is close, the Slam Shady was the clear and obvious winner of this trip.

The Slam Shady BOMBER was able to trigger strikes from fish just a cast after throwing the Gold Digger through the same area.

This is just ONE day of fishing but it can give you a better understanding of how to match the hatch as well as more intel on fish feeding behaviors.

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Do you have any questions about this BOMBER Paddletail Lure Color test?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!!

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Michael Bourdua
1 year ago

Thanks for a great report Pat. I really like your approach in your videos.

Mark G
1 year ago

I’d be interested in that net. Would you happen to have a link?
Just got some of these bombers in the mail yesterday and can’t wait to try them out next week in Hilton Head.

Richard Debevec
1 year ago

Tried, both in Louisiana this past week, the reds were slow and trout also. We managed to bring some fish home, but not like past trips.

Rob S
1 year ago

Appreciate you doing this test, Pat. In watching tests performed by Luke over the years, both he and his viewers have learned things when it worked out differently than what may have been assumed.

As you continue your journeys to fish in different states, I would be interested in an overview of what you’ve learned from the perspective of someone who wanted to pick out prime places to travel and fish when trailering their boat.

Omer Dumais
1 year ago

Where were you fishing? I have never seen what I thought were shrimp. All varieties and size of baitfish, but never shrimp. I fish in Pasco and Hernando Counties of FL.

Omer Dumais
1 year ago
Reply to  Pat Ogletree

Will do, thanks

Andrew Hinshaw
1 year ago

Gold digger is great but slam shady just takes the cake in my book. Round of applause to Pat for the self control to not throw a topwater with that overcast. As soon as I saw the cloud cover, I just knew Pat would have to throw a topwater. Love the lure tests!


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