How To Catch Schooling Redfish Using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons

Here’s how to catch schooling redfish using Salt Strong Fishing Lessons!!

I was out fishing with a fellow Insider Member and we found ourselves right on top of a school of redfish.

A recent tip from Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree came into mind and it helped me catch MORE redfish!

Learn more in the video below!!

How To Catch Schooling Redfish [VIDEO]

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This tip is piggybacking off of Fishing Coach Pat Ogletree’s tip from a couple of weeks ago.

I entered into a fishing tournament not too long ago and we were out fishing a school of redfish we came across but eventually lost it after reeling in a few fish from the school.

While I was out on the water, I remembered the tip Pat put out which was all about the best search baits for schooling redfish.

In Pat’s video, he suggests using the Strike King KVD Wake Bait to search for that school of redfish you lost sight of.

Once we lost sight of the fish, I tied on the KVD Wake Bait and found the redfish in such a short amount of time.

Fishing A School Of Redfish

One of the hardest but most important things to do after hooking into a redfish is to pay attention to where the school goes.

This is easier if you’re out there fishing with a buddy.

But if you are out there by yourself, try to keep an idea of the general direction that school swims in.

The sound, rattle, and erratic motion of the Wake Bait will call nearby redfish schools in to check it out and strike.

Strike King KVD Wake Bait

The shallow-running lipped-style bait covers LOTS of water and does it FAST.

Wake Baits are designed to run just below the water’s surface and give off a wake behind it.

The objective is for it to appear like a wounded baitfish that a predator perceives as an easy meal.

Coach Pat Ogletree refers to these as the “paddletail lures of topwater lures”.

You retrieve the Wake Bait just as you would any type of paddletail or swimbait lure.

The body of the Wake Bait is designed to wobble back and forth creating erratic action to draw fish in.

You do not have to walk the dog with this lure, a straight retrieve is all you need.

The Wake Bait has also become my go-to tournament lure.

It’s helped me catch tournament-winning fish in a variety of situations and conditions.


strike king wake bait hook swap

Even we coaches take tips from each other!!!

Don’t ever stop learning and growing your fishing knowledge no matter your experience or skill levels.

If you don’t have a Wake Bait yet, head over to the shop and get one in time for this Fall!!

Do you have any more questions or comments about how to catch schooling redfish?

Let me know down below if you have any questions for me or for Pat Ogletree!

➡Get the Strike King KVD Wake Bait

➡Check out Pat’s Tip on the Best Search Baits for Redfish

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Justin Ritchey
8 months ago

You’re absolutely right, Bud. We all grow as Anglers by learning from others. Huge Thanks to you, Pat, Richard, Wyatt, Tony and all the other Coaches that share their expertise & experiences!

Buzz Butters
8 months ago

love the details, thanks for sharing

C. Lance Weaver
8 months ago

Great report Matt, good footage.

Rick Box
8 months ago

This might be for both Pat and Matt, in regards to the KVD Wake Bait. How do you coaches feel about adding a hand tied feather/Mylar flash on the back hook like on the Chug Bug ? Any advantage ? Really enjoy all the videos. Thanks

James Foster
8 months ago

Always good stuff, Matt! Keep the videos coming.

Bob Bronston
8 months ago

Since these produce good results, why not use them all the time? IOW, why use them just to locate the school? Why not use them as your primary lure?

James Logan
8 months ago

Matt you rock. Great video. Great info. Your presentation is so easy to follow. Looking forward to more videos. Tight Lines.


Amy Lombardo
8 months ago

Nice work. What kind of bump board is that? I like how easy it is to see the numbers.


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