The Truth About Fishing Conservation – It’s WAY BIGGER Than You Think



It’s time for us to become Conservationists.

The purpose of this podcast episode is to educate you on the resources available to you in your local communities and we will also detail the Bigger Picture of Conservation as a whole.

Find out more in the episode below!!

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Truth About Fishing Conservation [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 1:30 – Truth About Fishing Conservation
  • 2:20 – Special Guest Capt. Travis Thompson joins the show
  • 4:00 – The Bigger Picture
  • 6:35 – Who is involved???
  • 9:30 – Local Politics & County Commissions
  • 11:15 – Agriculture Involvement
  • 12:15 – Taking the Time to Understand the Importance
  • 15:05 – “Share Your Heritage”
  • 19:40 – A Sand County Almanac
  • 21:35 – Current Narratives & Headlines
  • 25:55 – How can YOU make a difference?
  • 30:00 – Go to a Local Meeting
  • 32:05 – Piney Point Update
  • 34:15 – Rebound in the Mosquito Lagoon
  • 35:35 – Perspective
  • 36:40 – Manatees
  • 38:10 – Are things improving overall???
  • 40:00 – A True Conservationist
  • 42:45 – Don’t underestimate YOUR impact
  • 45:05 – Aldo Leopold’s “Land Ethic”
  • 47:25 – Snook Harvesting

Truth About Fishing Conservation [VIDEO]

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dodging rain and chasing fish

We all can do MORE to play our part and contribute to the conservation and protection of our wildlife and ecosystems both on land and at sea.

Educate yourself and motivate those around you to do the same and we can make a difference.

We’ve got to start looking at the bigger picture!!!

Do you have any questions about Conservation or any of the topics discussed in this episode?

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Dylan Hubbard
1 year ago

Capt Travis is the man, awesome podcast!

Rob S
1 year ago

Hunters and fishermen were called conservationists through the 60s until the environmental movement stepped in and hijacked it. They donated substantial time without being motivated by financial gain. Environmental groups and organizations spend much of their time and resources politicking and gathering money. This is great for the politicians as they can now dole out taxpayer money to those groups who will be activists for their political causes and gather votes. They do the same with the public unions. If an environmentalist or group speaks out when nothing gets done by politicians, then they don’t get grant money or choice political appointments whether it be them or their family members. The incentive is for grid lock so that pressing problems don’t get solved and be used as perpetual political issues that pump up an often not so bright supporter base. Pay to play is where the organization gets large sums of govt. money, and the individuals are expected to personally donate money to that specific politician(s) who funneled the money to that organization. For many environmentalists, it’s now less about volunteering their time than holding highly paid positions or consulting gigs. The system is so corrupted that I doubt it can be fixed much like other corrupt Marxist nations.

Orrin Cummins
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob S

Agreed. However, conservation at the large scale does require a lot of funding to gather data (I guess that’s true in most scientific research). With regard to the Gulf fisheries, that’s largely to pay for all the scientific surveys they use to create stock assessments so that the fisheries management side can make proper determinations about catch size and limits for each species. That money has to come from somewhere.

But as you noted, a lot of conservation decisions are made for reasons that have nothing to do with the overall goal of keeping these ecosystems healthy. We are essentially in a plutocracy, after all, so pork-barrel spending is an old bedfellow. And just like the myriad other hot-button topics (race, gender, abortion, etc.), conservation and environmental protections are a good way for the ruling elite to keep us pitted against each other as a distraction from what’s really going on.

In an ideal world, everyone would realize the importance of our natural environment and would support the government spending a lot more resources to protect it. Suffice it to say that we do not live in such a world.

Buddy Harrison
1 year ago

What an awesome podcast! the conversation covered so many topics of interest to sportsman and anyone who loves this great state. This should be a call to action. As described by Travis, developing a personal conservation ethic is critical to reversing impacts due to a rapidly growing population here in Florida. Be it as simple as taking time to pick up that trash near or on our waterways will pay huge dividends if adopted universally by those hearing this clarion call. Taking time to get informed about voting decisions affecting our Florida landscape is a responsible thing to consider for all of us. Thanks for this one Salt Strong!


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