How To Catch Black Drum Using THIS Simple Shrimp Rig


Here’s how to catch black drum using THIS super simple shrimp rig!

If you happen to stumble upon a school of black drum or if you are fishing near a bridge or similar structure, this is an excellent shrimp rig to tie on.

Check it out!!!

How To Catch Black Drum [VIDEO]

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You need a 4/0 or 5/0 circle hook depending on the size of the shrimp you are using and the fish you’re going after.

For this rig assembly, I use a Trilene knot to connect the hook to my 30lb monofilament leader that has a #4 split-shot attached.

You can bump down to 20lb monofilament leader if the fish are being a bit picky.

But a 30lb leader will provide you enough strength to reel in a big drum.

You can use live or dead shrimp for this rig but in my case, I had dead shrimp out with me on this trip.

Just remember this, “The dead-er the better” when it comes to fishing for black drum.

The additional scent will only help the black drum find your shrimp so you can catch more fish.

Pinch the tail off of the shrimp and then insert the hook point through the area that was pinched off and slide the hook through the body of the shrimp.

Then, pull the hook point through the shrimp and you are ready to start fishing.

As long as the shrimp is secure on your hook, then you’re good to go.


If you know there are black drum in a particular spot, grab some dead shrimp on your way out to the ramp!

These fish fight hard and are super fun to catch but are super finicky and picky about where they swim and what they eat.

Some or all of the gear mentioned above might already be in your tackle box!!

If not, head over to the shop and get everything you need to assemble this super simple black drum shrimp rig.

➡Get 5/0 Owner Mutu Light Circle Hooks

➡Get 30lb Ande Monofilament Leader

Do you have any thoughts or questions about this rig?

What is your rigging method for targeting black drum on the flats?

Let me know down in the comments!!

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jamal harvey
1 year ago

Thats a nice setup you got there. What kind of boat is that? I have a roundabout with a 45# on the front and a 2.5 on the rear. Its 6′ around so it requires me to trailer it most places. Yours looks like I could just throw it in the truck bed while still being able to stand and be stable on the water. I have to travel 4-6hrs to get to the coast in TX and something like that will be good for the trip.

John Martin
1 year ago

Hi Tony 
JohnMartin here again ,
 In November 23rd in pay again. Always wish to remain an insider .
I have sold my Expandacraft and bought my first ever kayak at 75 years young.
It is a Big Fish 120. Check it out on YouTube.
I Would love to have a MinnKota RipeTide bow mount trolling motor fit the Big Fish ? Just to large of a trolling motor on my Big Fish. 
But I saw another idea to used my 38 lb/ thrust stern mount trolling motor mount as I saw on the “Fishing Father”, on YouTube. Look at for fun!
I have a Beavertail ruder controlled by my feet.
I have a quick push button sytem to drop my anchor at the stern . Wish to have the wind at my back always. I have a Garmin EchoMap Plus 45 CV with Navionics Data.
I have bought rods reel hocks jigs and rod bundle. Wish you sold fishfinder. And stock in TFO rods.
 Wish to take paddle lessons this year. 
Also master backing up my trailer.
Best Regards always 

Gary Bowen
1 year ago

Great tip!, hope to use it soon.

Mark Beasley
1 year ago

Great video. Nothing more fun than catching a good size black drum.

1 year ago

Love watching all the video u post. We angle in bays and at beach in florida near alligator point. What small inshore rods do u recommend? For not alot of $

Robin Franklin
1 year ago

So is there a target depth if fishing for Drum off a peer/jetty or under a bridge, on shore, and can they be caught if surf fishing?

Dennis Mackin
1 year ago

Would the same approach work with gulp shrimp?

Mark Johnson
1 year ago

Nice tips Tony, TY!

Efrain Vega
1 year ago

Great video! What watercraft you use?

Victor Gatell
1 year ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

So happy to see you in the Gheenoe! I almost bought one, but long story, wound up on a kayak, lol.

Matt Bloch
1 year ago

When you cast out, do you let it sit on the bottom or do you work it back to the boat? If you work it back to the boat, how do you do that?


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