Black Drum

Jigging Around Bridges For Black Drum (Lures & Retrieves)

Here's how easy it is to go jigging around bridges for black drum! I actually ran into these fish by mistake!!!...
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How To Catch Black Drum Using THIS Simple Shrimp Rig

Here's how to catch black drum using THIS super simple shrimp rig! If you happen to stumble upon a school of black drum or if you are...
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How To Trigger Reaction Strikes From Inshore Fish

Some of the most EXCITING fishing is when you're able to trigger reaction strikes from inshore fish!!! I've talked about triggering...
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How To Catch Black Drum Using Fiddler Crabs

How do you catch black drum using fiddler crabs as bait? Fiddler crabs are an excellent bait for black drum, sheepshead, redfish...
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How To Rig Fiddler Crabs For Redfish & Sheepshead

Do you know the best ways to rig a fiddler crab on a small hook? Check out how to rig fiddler crabs for redfish and sheepshead here...
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Chasebaits Crusty Crab VS. Savage Gear Duratech Crab

Which is the King Crab?! Chasebaits Crusty Crab lure or the Savage Gear Duratech crab lure? Check out which artificial crab lure is best in...
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How To Fish Schools Of Black Drum With Artificial Lures

Have you come across big schools of black drum? Want to know how to effectively catch fish out of a school with artificial lures? This is...
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Black Drum Can’t Resist This Lure & Scent Combo

Want to catch more black drum? When these big fish are being picky, it can seem like they won't eat anything. But this lure and scent got...
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The Secret To Getting Picky Black Drum On The Flats To Eat

Want in on a little secret to get spooky black drum to eat? When they're being targeted all day, even the slightest twitch of your lure can...
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Easy Way To Rig LIVE SHRIMP For Monster Black Drum

Want to catch monster black drum? See how to rig live shrimp for them, and avoid these common mistakes that waste money and keep you from...
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Fishing for Monster Drum Around Bridges [On-The-Water Insider Fishing Report]

Finding monster drum around bridges using your electronics can be a fun way to fish. In this report I will be showing you how I...
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Winter Sightfishing Trip For Redfish, Seatrout, and Black Drum [On-The-Water Trip Report]

This trip was one for the books! Some fun sight fishing opportunities with some quality fish. Started out as a pretty cold day but the...
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When and Where to Find Black Drum On The Flats

It’s Black Drum time! In this video we will be sharing some tips on when and where to find schools of black drum on the...
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Tactics For Catching Black Drum on Artificial Lures [Insider Report – Map Analysis + On The Water Footage]

On this trip report I will be sharing my favorite tactic for catching black drum using artificial lures. Quick Details: Craft: Hobie Outback Pedal Kayak...
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How To Rig Cut Bait For Bull Redfish & Big Black Drum (In Any Depth)

Want to catch more bull redfish and big black drum? Cut bait is one of the best baits for these fish, so check out these three rigs to rig up cut bait.
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