How To Trigger Reaction Strikes From Inshore Fish


Some of the most EXCITING fishing is when you’re able to trigger reaction strikes from inshore fish!!!

I’ve talked about triggering reaction strikes from trout and flounder in the past, but I wanted to focus more on tailing redfish and cruising black drum in this video.

It’s all about setting yourself up perfectly to trigger that strike!!

How To Trigger Reaction Strikes From Inshore Fish [VIDEO]

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Where you cast is what ultimately determines if you hook into a fish or not.

You need to make sure you get your cast in the right spot and perfect the retrieval techniques.

Before you go ahead and make a cast, take a second and observe which direction the fish is moving.

Also, make sure to observe its behavior to see if it is erratically feeding or just positioned in a hole.

Typically, black drum will find one path and dig around in the mud in a straight direction.

Redfish are a bit different.

They tend to shift direction frequently and are more erratic but usually still follow a Point A to Point B type pattern.

Most of the time they are just poking their head out either left or right to quickly see if there is any action but then they’ll continue down the original path.

If you take the extra second before casting to take note of the redfish behavior, then you can place your cast where it’s needed to hook into a fish.

It can be impulsive and your first thought is always going to be, “CAST!!!!”, but the truth is you need to wait for a second to analyze your target and make the best cast.

Study what that fish is doing to generate an idea of its erratic movements and the possible direction it’s traveling.

You can adjust your retrieval speed accordingly but cast placement is of paramount importance.

Putting your lure in front of the fish’s path is what will trigger those reaction strikes.

These fish are not going to chase down meals and also don’t want to be hit in the face with it or your line.

Sightfishing Lures

You should always have a 3-3.5 inch paddletail with you at all times.

Sometimes you can even bump up to a 4-inch lure.

But I try to stick close to shorter paddletails because I prefer something that causes little commotion but gives off just enough vibration to trigger strikes.

The reason for using paddletails is they are easier to sight fish with and can be worked fast or slow which is what triggers the strike in the end.

The paddletail lends itself to the sightfishing retrieve.

As far as lure colors go, white works in every situation for any species.

Most of all, it is easiest for the angler to see so you can make adjustments to your retrieve as needed.

Lure Placement

You want to cast your lure out in front of the direction the fish is swimming so the line does not lay on its back.

Ideally, if the fish is moving from right to left, you cast way out to the left of the fish so your line lays flat on the water.

Now, all you have to do is make adjustments to the speed of your retrieve.

Speed up or slow down your retrieve so your lure passes roughly 6 inches to a foot in front of the fish’s face.

We like to call this the “Dinner Plate”.

You might need to get closer to black drum than redfish.

Black drum will more often than not react to twitches and movement.

As far as redfish are concerned, you should steadily retrieve your lure with half-second pauses in between turns of the spool.

That is all those redfish need to turn and pounce on it.


only 3 lures you need to catch redfish this summer

Once you are ready and set to cast, the rest is easy.

Roll your lure right into the Dinner Plate and those fish will strike!

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Do you have any more questions about sightfishing or how to trigger reaction strikes?

Let me know what you think down below!!

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J.D. Hay
1 year ago

Awesome video Wyatt, sight fishing is so fun since you’re targeting a specific fish and when everything comes together just right it’s so gratifying! Luv the shirt too, I’d buy one fer sure! Tight lines and keep up the great work!

Robert Elliott
1 year ago

Great information/video

William Clifford
1 year ago

Good video, I don’t always see the fish since I use a kayak, but sometimes can pick on movement at the surface. But your info will help. Thanks.

Amber Lincoln
1 year ago

Enjoyed the video as always!!! Very informative. What is that fuzzy thing on your shirt?

Danny LeBlanc
1 year ago

Awesome coaching on short video. Good information provided. The waters here in Louisiana mash areas are not always with good clarity and mostly murky. But on the good days I hope to put the information in practice. Thanks.

Anthony Bishop
1 year ago

Good info, Wyatt! Much appreciated!

Kenneth Ardanowski
1 year ago

Good info Wyatt and as usual a great video.

Jamie Stanley
1 year ago

Good stuff Wyatt, thank you. Is that green shirt going to be offered in the apparel section for purchase one of these days or any updates on more Salt Strong gear coming out?

Terry Watson
1 year ago

Great tip and video. Thanks.

greg lanier
1 year ago

Great tips Wyatt! Love the little illustration that helps put it in perspective….. just too bad that will not really help much around here … almost never enough visibility to see fish at any distance.. you know how murky our NC water is … my wife really trips out being able to see through the water like in Florida… she feels like she should be able to see through the water with sunglasses that cost as much as the ones we use lol


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