If The Trout Bite Slows Down, Try This Lure…

As we move into summer, you may notice that seatrout are starting to change their behavior patterns.

Cool mornings and hot afternoons have an effect on trout behaviors.

Learn more about the ideal lure to use to spark a bite right here!!

MirrOlure Lil John [VIDEO]

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Lately, I have been finding lots of trout willing to chase down and strike topwater lures very early in the morning.

But as the sun begins to rise and the water temperature goes up, the trout become less and less active.

More often than not, the trout have moved in search of deeper water where temperatures are stable.

You now have to adjust your lure presentations to be able to cover all depths of the water column while also keeping in mind these fish are most likely in a lethargic state.

The key is to induce serious reaction strikes from these trout.

The lure that has been working extremely well for me recently is the MirrOlure Lil Jon.

My personal favorite color is the Golden Bream design.

Where I fish in Texas the water is slightly cloudier and muddy so the Golden Bream works very well in these waters.

The trout are keen on the erratic motion of the lure and in most cases, can’t resist striking this lure.

Retrieves & Hook Set

The #1 thing you need to focus on is getting this lure somewhere near a deep structure.

Focus your efforts on rocks or oyster bars in areas that are deeper than the flats you regularly fish in.

The biggest thing you have to remember to do with this lure is to create a side-to-side erratic, darting motion.

Lots of times the trout will take a quick, serious swipe at your lure and then leave it alone.

Most times you will find the hook in the corner of the trout’s mouth because odds are they reactively swiped at the lure.

Other times when the fish are dialed in on bait and actively feeding, I will find the hooks are further back in the fish’s mouth which tells you they are on the hunt.

When it comes to reaction strikes, you have to be quick to set the hook.

As your lure is darting in the water, you will feel a slight pop and that is when you have to set the hook.

The window to set the hook on these fish is very small and may only last those few seconds.

To retrieve this lure, you want to quickly pop your fishing rod to your side as you retrieve it back to you.

While we are fishing near the bottom, the action of your lure will be side-to-side rather than straight up and down.

You can change things up but I recommend casting this lure out and giving it a couple of pops to the side before letting it settle back down for a second or two and then get right back to popping the lure again.

It is comparable to working a topwater lure underneath the surface with slightly more pausing here and there.

If paddletails or topwater lures are just not triggering any strikes, that is when I turn to the Lil Jon.

I like to rig these lures on a 1/4 oz. Strike King or Z-Man Trout Eye jighead.

A 1/4 oz. jighead puts your lure in the ideal position in the water column.

To be exact, you really want to be at most a foot off of the bottom.

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how to retrieve the mirrolure lil jon

As seasons change, it is important to stay in tune with changing fish behaviors.

I do also like breaking this lure out in the winter when temperatures are a little more extreme.

Overall, it is an excellent lure to lean to when the seasons change and fish patterns are unpredictable.

So you’ll definitely want to add the MirrOlure Lil John to your arsenal!

Do you have any more questions about the MirrOlure Lil Jon?

Let me know your questions and comments below!!

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Jan Radjeski
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt. I’ve also seen an up-tic in action lately even in cleaner water before and after sunup using the darker color. Strange but seems to be more productive. Thanks for the tip. All these little changes keep us more in tune.

1 year ago

Very informative on trout fishing,am over 80, have to use charters to fish or get a spot on the beach, that’s easy to walk and carry. Live Southern NJ. Thank you

Brad Brumback
1 year ago

Where can we find Wader Dave’s report on Little Johns?

Gary Jarrett
1 year ago

Can these be rigged using the Helix or Owner twist lock hooks?

Joel Buckholts
1 year ago

Little Jon’s have been my go to lure for a few years now. It is the one lure you actually want a heavier jig head to enhance the sharp darting motion. I’ve caught everything from trout, reds, snook….even Mahi down in Marathon when running and gunning under birds.

Jim Sittler
1 year ago

Would you except similar results with the Alabama leprechaun rigged on a 1/4 ounce jig head?

Rick Daniel
1 year ago

Hello Wyatt,
if you didn’t have a lil John, could I see similar results with gold digger nub?

Bill Falconer
1 year ago

So…this lure is new to me as of the last month or two. Took some down to Venice, LA a few weeks ago and it was LIGHTS OUT. Also catches a lot more than trout. Definitely deserves a spot in the arsenal.

Two questions very specific to the Lil John on a jighead: Curious what size braid and fluoro you are using for both clear and dirty water? And any thoughts on loop knot vs. direct tie? Thanks!

Last edited 1 year ago by Bill Falconer
Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

One of my FAVORITE Lures (especially that Golden Bream color). Nice tip Wyatt!

Jose Reyes
1 year ago

Good advise-will try!
jose Reyes


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