Wade Fishing For Trout In Nasty Weather [Fishing Report]


Do you often go fishing in Baffin Bay, Texas?

Last week, Fishing Coach Wyatt Parcel along with Wader Dave and Salt Strong Lifers Wes Hall and Johnny Boyer set out to catch seatrout and redfish on an overcast day.

Check out how their day went right here!!

Fishing In Baffin Bay [VIDEO]

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Time and again, wade fishing proves to be the best method for picking apart an area and fan-casting until you’ve covered all of the water around you.

Additionally, you can catch fish just a few feet away from you without spooking them.

Fish are well aware of boats drifting or trolling around them and will easily scare off.

Also, in the case of nasty weather, as seen in the video, wade fishing gives you better control of your position.

You can choose where to set up and choose which areas you want to place an emphasized focus on.


wade fishing with waders

Although fishing off of a boat has its perks, wade fishing provides a different lens for anglers to fish through.

You can catch fish that are within just a few feet of you and you are able to cover all areas of water around you.

Before you go out on your next fishing trip, consider going wade fishing and see what you can find!

Do you have any questions about fishing in Baffin Bay?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Steven Burleigh
10 months ago

Wyatt, great report!
Do you know if there are accessible wade fishing areas you can get to without a boat / yak?

James Martinez
10 months ago

Loved the video! Baffin Bay is where we always go fish. We live about 30 minutes away. I have a question to ask. Were you fishing in Alazon? The places towards the mouth of Baffin has a lot of rocks and that is were everyone tells us to go. I’m not that experienced to navigate those waters. So the long drop off on the west side of Alazon is one of the places we pick for our trips.

James Martinez
9 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks a lot for info. Also saw some of the new videos of Baffin Bay. I need to learn that rope trick. Awesome to see the areas we fish have reports.

Peter TenEyck
10 months ago

Wyatt, thanks for all your wading videos. Did you find this spot using Google earth or was it an on the water decision? How did you find out there was a drop off there? I live in Wilmington, Nc and even though I have a small boat I think I’d get better results if I waded some areas I’ve been scouting. Thanks for all y’all do.

Peter T.


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