How To Work The MirrOlure Lil’ John


What are the best ways to retrieve the MirrOlure Lil’ John to catch more fish?

Is there a ‘secret’ way to work these lures?

Check this out to catch more fish using the Lil’ John soft plastic jerk bait this spring!

MirrOlure Lil’ John

how to use lil john twitchbait

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We have THREE new Lil’ John lure colors coming to the Salt Strong tackle shop, so we want to make sure you all know the best ways to retrieve them.

The main objective is to trigger a reaction strike.

The Lil’ John lures do not create any action on their own and need to be worked by an angler.

You almost want to mimic a topwater walk-the-dog style retrieve but underwater.

The goal is to have your lure move side to side in the water and then fall.

Most fish will strike your lure as it falls back down after you’ve twitched it numerous times.

More importantly, you are NOT aiming for a vertical retrieve.

In reality, you want to create a side-to-side “dance” in the water.

How To Retrieve The Lil’ John

The twitch-twitch-pause method creates a more vertical presentation that we do not want with this lure.

As a result, you want to have your rod parallel with the water and pointed at the lure.

In terms of twitches and pauses, you want to remain erratic and keep mixing it up.

The whole idea is to create side-to-side action and then the lure drops which will trigger reaction strikes from predatory fish.

An indication of if you are working the lure properly or not is if you happen to snag a fish swimming in the water.

You may end up snagging pinfish or other types of baitfish as you work the Lil’ John back to you.

In terms of jigheads and weights, you want to make sure you are working the Lil’ John close to the bottom.

Predatory fish will believe they see an injured baitfish and will then strike when it falls to the bottom.

Color is of minor importance with this lure but still plays a role.

It is absolutely critical to learn how to swim this lure properly if you want to find success with it.

MirrOlure Lil’ John [VIDEO]

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fishing in baffin bay with wader dave

The MirrOlure Lil’ John is a great lure to change up your tactics and start to trigger reaction strikes from predatory fish.

Keep in mind these lures do not have much natural motion and need to be worked and retrieved correctly to create an enticing presentation.

Be sure to check out the MirrOlure Lil’ John in different colors now in our online tackle shop!

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Do you have any more questions about how to work the MirrOlure Lil’ John?

Let me know down in the comments!

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David Wamsley
1 year ago

Hi Dave
If you were home in Florida you wouldn’t be shivering
It’s fun watching a pro like you wade fishing
Best DW

Jon Johansson
1 year ago

Hey Dave, what were those plain red eye jig heads you were using? Thanks Jon

Thomas Hyatt
1 year ago

What are the best jig heads to use?

Neal Hagood
1 year ago

Thanks Dave! Now I have to correct years of bad habits! 😉
Seriously, Thank you for an informative & educational Lil John tutorial!
Have you worked/fished with Jay Watkins? Texas Trout Master & A fellow MirroLure lover & spokes person.
He, through a mutual friend, got me into the Lil Johns & Lil John XLs , but the techniques didn’t carry over.

Phillip Hilgert
1 year ago

Wader Dave is The Man w the Lil John. Great video!

Thomas Hall
1 year ago

Thanks for the instruction on wade fishing Dave. Now I understand that I have never properly retrieved when wade fishing. Learning has occurred.

I suggest sipping a Kentucky bourbon to warm your bones after being the the chilly water all day.

Salt Strong! Thomas

David Hettenhouser
1 year ago

Lot of great information on the retrieval. Thanks Wader Dave

Jason Rosado
1 year ago

Great video Dave, hopefully down the road we can see come under water footage of it

Willie Dickerson
1 year ago

Dave, thanks for sitting me straight on how to use this bait. Any tips on color selection?

Minister Brian Bordley
1 year ago

I luv the video. I suggest most of the artificial the store sells should come with retrieve videos with more concentration on the cadence and rod tip positioning. Put it in a book of artificial reteieves for master class could be helpful. I have brought almost every lure in the store but always run back to bait but this year I’m determined to use nothing but artificial to give youth another dimension of catching. Again thanks for a great video


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