How To Catch Black Drum Using Fiddler Crabs


How do you catch black drum using fiddler crabs as your bait?

Can you sight cast for black drum using live bait?

Check out these tips below to catch more black drum on the flats!

Take a look!!

Using Fiddler Crabs To Target Black Drum

Typical rigs for targeting black drum are similar to that of a sheepshead rig, just with a slightly larger hook.

The best rig to use when targeting black drum on the flats is a simple 2/0 circle hook on the end of your line partnered with a split-shot weight about 8-10 inches above the hook.

How To Rig The Fiddler Crabs On A Hook

You want to keep the fiddler crabs whole and alive with all of their appendages and legs.

Insert the hook through the belly of the crab and then out through the top of the shell.

Be careful not to crush the crab or tear a leg or claw off when rigging the crab on the hook.

Casting At The Schools Of Black Drum

Whenever you are sight fishing for any species of fish, it is absolutely critical that you observe which direction the school of fish is moving.

You need to make sure to do this so you are casting far enough in front of the fish so as not to spook them off, but you place your bait right in the fish’s path.

Once you have your bait in front of the moving school of fish, you can let the crab sit there.

You may begin to feel the school of fish swimming into your mainline.

This will naturally move the fiddler crab around and in turn, a black drum will most likely see the crab and eat it.

If you are using circle hooks, you must not set the hook as aggressively as you need to with other hook styles.

All you need to do is reel up the hook tight when you feel the fish eat it and the circle hook design will stick into the corner of the fish’s mouth.

Using Fiddler Crabs To Target Black Drum [VIDEO]

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rig cut bait for black drum bull redfish

Fiddler crabs are an excellent bait to use when targeting species like black drum, redfish, and sheepshead because crabs and crustaceans are a natural part of their diets.

Black drum are a skittish fish that can be easily spooked, but if you time your casts just right, you can hook into one of these fun-fighting fish.

Be sure to keep the fiddler crabs alive and rig them carefully to maintain a natural presentation!

Do you have any other questions on targeting black drum with fiddler crabs?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Angelo Durso
2 years ago

Black drum is possibly my favorite fish to catch but I don’t think I am getting my share that our waters offer. So I am going to target them more this season and see what I learn and catch. Our creeks often have significant tree structure underwater, with strong currents in 8-15ft water depth. I presume a fiddler on 2/0 circle hook using a depth-adjustable bobber would suffice? any thoughts?

Angelo Durso
2 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

excellent, thank you Tony

Lee Jolly
2 years ago

Tony, I would like to know more about your boat!


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