How To Tie The Improved Clinch Knot In Less Than 30 Seconds


Here’s how to tie the Improved Clinch Knot in 30 SECONDS!!!

The Improved Clinch Knot is best used for connecting your leader line to your hooks or jigheads.

Check out how easy it is to tie in the video below!!

Improved Clinch Knot In 30 Seconds [VIDEO]

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First, feed the end of the line through the eye of your hook or jighead.

Then with the tag end, wrap 4-5 turns around the main line.

Once you complete the wraps, put the tag end through the initial loop that you created above the eye of the hook or jighead.

Then, take the tag end and pull it back through the second loop that forms.

Pull the knot tight and cinch it all the way down.

Cut the tag end and you’ve got a friction knot snugly tied to your hook or jighead.

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Before you master reeling in fish, you’ve got to master your knots!

A super quick knot like the Improved Clinch is excellent for quick re-ties or if you’re changing a lure out real fast.

Avoid using this knot with braid as it is prone to slipping out.

Do you have any questions about knots or the Improved Clinch Knot in particular?

Please ask away down in the comments section below!!

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Michael McLarty
1 year ago

This knot works with braided?

Joel Panian
1 year ago

Thanks Richard! My uncle taught me the improved clinch knot when I was a kid. I practiced tying it so much that even after years of not using it I can bust it out without hardly thinking. Always great to have a SS video to double check ones work though. 👊🏻

Ron Ratliffe
1 year ago

i use a double davy when i need a quick, small knot. would be interested in the strength of the improved clinch vs double davy


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