How To Tie The #1 Fishing Knot For Artificial Lures


What could be the best fishing knot for artificial lures?

Does the type of knot you choose to tie actually have an impact on lure performance?

It has much more of an impact than you might think!!

Best Fishing Knot For Artificial Lures [VIDEO]

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Whether you are fishing inshore or offshore, the non-slip loop knot is an incredibly useful knot to know because it is super strong and easy to tie.

The non-slip loop knot also adds action to your lures and enhances the overall presentation.

You can tie this knot on ANY hook or lure you have just as long as there is no split-ring or swivel attached.

This knot is typically used to create direct action on the lure you’re using.

First, take the tag end and wrap it around the main line to create a small, initial loop.

Do NOT pull the knot tight.

If you tilt the knot and view it from the side, you will see there is a ‘top-side’ and a ‘bottom-side’ to the loop.

If you do not identify the top and bottom of the knot, then the knot won’t cinch down right at the end.

Then, take the tag end of the line and run it back through the eye of your jighead or hook.

Next, feed the tag end back through the bottom side of that first loop you made.

Twist the tag end around the main line two times.

Then run the tag end back through the loop and pull snugly.

Trim the tag end to your liking and you’re set to begin fishing.


best knot for artificial lures

The additional freedom the loop gives the lure to move only enhances your presentation and allows the lure to move naturally in the water.

If you are letting a lure fall to the bottom or jigging it up and down, that extra space provided by the loop could be the difference between triggering a strike or not.

Do you have any more questions about the non-slip loop knot or any other fishing knots in general?

Let me know down in the comments!!

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paul collins
6 months ago

nice work and what i needed

thank you

1 year ago

sometimes it takes a while for me to come up with the obvious. Example: you do not need a lure, hook, or anything, After making the overhand knot, just form the loop around your pinkie finger and then finish the knot as usual. Quicker than perfection loop or surgeon’s loop knot.

Neal Hagood
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt!
I, too, love and use this knot (that I learned HERE on SS Fishing Tips- 4 years back).
And for those not as familiar with this knot, my next favorite aspect (the first being the free lure action) is how the tag end exits the knot to the back of the knot! So there is little to nothing for the grass to snag on! That tag end placement is shown very well in this video.
All the other loop knots I had used in the past, had either a sideways tag or forward tag, both catching grasses.AAUGG!
Tight Lines Y’All!

Steven Free
1 year ago

I thought you did this tip a few weeks ago? But I have found that the loop knot isn’t always the best knot like the spinnerbait that has an open eye to attach your line if you tied a loop knot the line would slide down the arm of the spinnerbait only lures and hooks with closed eyes can be used with the loop knot anyways thanks for the tip and all you do😉👍

Kim MacCartney
1 year ago

Wyatt…I was wondering if you could get Luke to test the Kreh (non-slip) loop knot you tied against the Kryston loop knot. I’ve been using the Kryston because it is quicker and much easier to get a smaller loop which supposedly increases the ability of the jig head/whatever to wobble and not create a pinch in the loop.

Neal Hagood
1 year ago
Reply to  Kim MacCartney

Thanks for posting that link, I am always open to seeing other knots!
My only problem I saw RE: that Kryston knot is that tag end sticking out sideways. For me, fishing on the grassy flats of Texas, that sideways tag creates a grass snagging issue.

Dale King
1 year ago

That knot has become my go to for tying just about everything. It’s quick and easy to tie on a pitching boat deck and hasn’t failed me yet. BTW, the four horseman popping corks are da bomb. Oh, and I bought a tfo pro rod 5 or six years ago that I’m still using on a daily basis and just got the last gen tfo pro. Great rod for the money. Love it!


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