Terminal Knot (Loop)

Why Should You Use A Loop Knot Instead of Split Rings?

Why should you use a loop knot instead of split rings? Most hard-body plugs come ready with split rings attached to the nose of the lure...
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A Guide To When & Why You Should Use A Loop Knot

This video is all about why you should use a loop knot with certain hooks and lures. There are some lures and hooks you don’t...
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How To Tie The #1 Fishing Knot For Artificial Lures

What could be the best fishing knot for artificial lures? Does the type of knot you choose to tie actually have an impact on lure...
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#1 Knot For Artificial Lures In Under 30 Seconds

This is the BEST knot for artificial lures in UNDER 30 seconds!! You shouldn't wast time trying to tie elaborate knots that take out of...
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Ultimate Rig For Catching Large Quantities Of Baitfish

What are the best rigs and setups for catching your own baitfish? Check out the ultimate rig for catching large quantities of baitfish...
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Saltwater Fishing Knots 101

Do you know all the best saltwater fishing knots? Which ones do you prefer to use? Check out every knot in Saltwater Fishing Knots 101...
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Loop Knot VS. Snug Knot Comparison (Underwater Analysis)

How can a knot affect lure action and performance underwater? Your knot choice can have more of an impact than you think. Check this out...
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Non-Slip Loop Knot: How Many Turns Should You Do? [Knot Experiment]

How many twists should you do when tying a non-slip loop knot? In this experiment, I tested 2 vs. 3 vs. 4 turns and the results were...
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How To Tie The Non-Slip Loop Knot (Plus Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid)

Learn the Non-Slip Loop Knot from this very clear video showing exactly how to tie the best loop knot we've tested so far. Plus, see the mistakes to avoid.
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When To Use A Loop Knot vs. A Split Ring With Fishing Lures (VIDEO)

Want to know the truth about using a loop knot vs a split ring when it comes to artificial fishing lures? Then definitely watch this new tip. Tight lines!
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How To Tie The Perfection Loop [Picture And Video Tutorial]

Looking for a simple and strong loop knot? In this article, Luke Simonds shows you how to tie one of the popular knots of all time -- the Perfection Loop.
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How to Tie the Rapala Knot [Step-by-Step Picture and Video Tutorial]

Want to know the strongest loop knot we've ever seen? In this article, we go over the step-by-step process on how to tie the Rapala Knot.
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How to Tie the King Sling Loop Knot (Video & Step-by-Step)

See how to tie the king sling loop knot, what type of fishing the king sling knot is best for and how to use it for braid and terminal tackle.
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The Best Loop Knot For Fluorocarbon Leader To Lure or Hook [Knot Contest]

Do you want to know the strongest fishing loop knot for fluoro leader to lure? Then check out this knot contest (and videos) between four top loop knots.
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Tauten Line Welder Review [Strength Test Against Knots]

How does the Tauten Line Welder tool weld lines together? And how strong would such a weld be? We answer both of these questions for you in this article!
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