Terminal Knot (Loop)

Non-Slip Loop Knot: How Many Turns Should You Do? [Knot Experiment]

How many twists should you do when tying a non-slip loop knot? In this experiment, I tested 2 vs. 3 vs. 4 turns and the results were...
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How To Tie The Non-Slip Loop Knot (Plus Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid)

Learn the Non-Slip Loop Knot from this very clear video showing exactly how to tie the best loop knot we've tested so far. Plus, see the mistakes to avoid.
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When To Use A Loop Knot vs. A Split Ring With Fishing Lures (VIDEO)

Want to know the truth about using a loop knot vs a split ring when it comes to artificial fishing lures? Then definitely watch this new tip. Tight lines!
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How To Tie The Perfection Loop [Picture And Video Tutorial]

Looking for a simple and strong loop knot? In this article, Luke Simonds shows you how to tie one of the popular knots of all time -- the Perfection Loop.
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How to Tie the Rapala Knot [Step-by-Step Picture and Video Tutorial]

Want to know the strongest loop knot we've ever seen? In this article, we go over the step-by-step process on how to tie the Rapala Knot.
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How to Tie the King Sling Loop Knot (Video & Step-by-Step)

See how to tie the king sling loop knot, what type of fishing the king sling knot is best for and how to use it for braid and terminal tackle.
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The Best Loop Knot For Fluorocarbon Leader To Lure or Hook [Knot Contest]

Do you want to know the strongest fishing loop knot for fluoro leader to lure? Then check out this knot contest (and videos) between four top loop knots.
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Tauten Line Welder Review [Strength Test Against Knots]

How does the Tauten Line Welder tool weld lines together? And how strong would such a weld be? We answer both of these questions for you in this article!
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How To Tie The Double Figure 8 Loop Knot [REVIEW]

Want to learn how to tie the Double Figure 8 Loop Knot like a pro? Then check out this knot review showing the breaking strength results... click here now.
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How To Tie The Kreh Loop Knot [Contest Winner]

Finally, someone does an actual test on the strongest on the strongest leader to lure knot. Don't tie another hook or lure until you see this fishing knot.
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