A Guide To When & Why You Should Use A Loop Knot

This video is all about why you should use a loop knot with certain hooks and lures.

There are some lures and hooks you don’t need to use a loop knot with, however, it only enhances your presentation and often leads to more strikes.

Take a look!!

Why You Should Use A Loop Knot [VIDEO]

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It all really comes down to lure action.

When you tie a loop knot onto a lure or a hook, that allows for more freedom of movement for the lure.

As opposed to snug knots that cinch down to the eye of the hook.

Jigheads & Hooks

Whenever you are fishing with a jighead, it is ideal to use a loop knot.

You’ll get more action out of the lure by giving it more freedom to move as you retrieve the lure.

The same holds true when fishing with weedless weighted hooks.

The exception to using loop knots are hooks or jigheads with a collar or the weight is not directly attached to the hook shank.

Some hooks or jigheads have a swinging weight that moves around freely and behaves as a loop knot.

With these types of hooks, you should use a snug knot.

Hard-Body Lures & Topwater

I prefer to use a loop knot with topwater lures, twitchbaits, or other types of hard-body lures.

When you’re fishing with these lures, you want that side-to-side or walk-the-dog motion.

Some hard baits come with a split ring attached to the nose.

If that is the case, you can tie a snug knot directly to the split ring because the split ring will act like a loop knot.

But, keep in mind the split ring will weigh down that knot.

When your lure is at rest, the knot will hang straight down immediately due to the weight of the split ring.

What I prefer to do, is remove the split rings and tie the leader directly to the nose of the lure using a loop knot.

One exception when using loop knots with certain hard baits is if the front hook is getting fouled up in the line.

In that case, I would use a snug knot to avoid any potential foul-ups.

Something else to keep in mind is that loop knots have a lower breaking strength than a knot that is snug to the lure.

If you are looking for strength and fishing around heavier structure, I would suggest a snug knot.


Spoons typically come with a split ring already attached.

This acts as a loop knot as I mentioned before.

I do not recommend taking the split ring off of spoons.

The reason is the area around the eye of most spoons is pretty sharp and that can cut into your leader line.

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Dennis Kelly
6 months ago

Good presentation

Thomas Utley
6 months ago

Another good one and presented well … I have myself gotten away from swivels and use the loop knot for the most part and key to it as with anything always make sure that you check the knot and leader materials often … ! Thanks guys for another good one .. !

Steven Free
6 months ago

I use loop knots for all my jigs but my topwaters and hard suspending twitchbaits and spoons I use a Palomar mainly because I also use a bill norman speed clip that also acts like a loop knot because the lure is clipped to a round shaped clip that isn’t snug to the lures eye tie also I remove any split rings I have had the ring slip and the knot go between the beginning of the ring and either the sharp point of the ring has cut my line or sometimes have had the line go around the ring and pull out of it so I don’t take chances and what I do I catch plenty of fish so I must be doing something right anyways thats me thanks for the info and as usual all you do😉👍


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