When To Use A Loop Knot vs. A Split Ring With Fishing Lures (VIDEO)


Do you know when to use a loop knot vs a split ring with each one of your lures?

This seems to cause some confusion to many anglers (especially with topwater lures  – which usually come standard with a split ring).

And recently one of our subscribers, Dale Landry, asked when are the best scenarios to use split rings vs a loop knot.

So we put together this video that discusses the following:

  • When to avoid using a split ring on a lure
  • When to avoid using a loop knot with certain lures
  • Pros and cons of both options

Enjoy and tight lines!

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Loop Knot vs Split Ring

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Any questions?

Any other tips that work for you when it comes to using a split ring vs a loop knot with any type of fishing lure?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Robert Glassen
2 years ago

I had a big tarpon on for about 5 minutes on a big rattle trap. I had it tied snug to the split ring on 60 pound fluoro. I’d changed the hooks but not the split ring which straightened out. Lesson learned.

2 years ago
Reply to  Robert Glassen

Try Owner split rings, I have never had one fail. And always tie to a solid ring, then split ring to lure

Robert Glassen
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Good idea. Thanks.

2 years ago

I’ve had problems with the line being shredded if the knot drops down into the split ring opening when fighting a fish so I re-tie often when using a split ring. Have you had issues with this?

Brad Smith
2 years ago

Is it possible to use a split ring on plastics? It would help when wanting to quickly change colors.

William Slaughter
2 years ago

I watched your video and agree with all points, not so sure the ring would scare fish if those dangling hooks don’t. I have had bad experience with loop knots and fluorocarbon . Lost some nice fish, then I looked up pros and cons and canoe not is not recommended for fluorocarbon . Lot of variables. I would rather maybe have a lil less on presentation and be confident in my knots. It hard to weigh it all out. Uniknot is good but will slip tight. I am still learning , always open to suggestions, there is nothing better then testing and proven. It’s why I love this group of fishermen.

Gary Rankel
2 years ago

The No Knot Fas Snap (XL size) offers the best of both attachment types. It’s all I use except for sub-surface applications in super clear water, when I still rely on the loop knot.

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Luke…..don’t know how they’re rated force-wise, and when you first look at one you’ll question whether it can hold up, but it will, as years of bringing in over-slot reds and snook will attest to.

2 years ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Right, Luke. Try em – you’ll like em. The only minor negative is after making several lure changes, the spring steel opens up a bit leaving a slightly wider gap, however, I’ve still not had a lure come off while fishing. When the gap becomes a concern, simply replace it. They’re great for topwater lures, but I still like the loop knotted fluoro for subsurface fishing in super clear water or when fish are spooky.

Derrick L.
2 years ago

In the topwater scenario with the split ring; shouldn’t we be using a floating leader, like mono? Then would it really be a problem with the split ring sinking, threatening to get the line caught in the front hook?

Gene Doebley
2 years ago

I like to change lures a lot so I started using quick clips snaps to avoid tying knots. But just like Luke observed with the split ring I found my line fouling on the treble hook more often whenI used the quick clip.

Mike Teague
2 years ago

In my experience there is a con to trolling using a standard split ring for trolling in that the location of the knot on the ring can have a pretty significant impact on how true the lure runs.
On one hand, if you tie on the spot where there is only one wire (between where the wire ends are) the lure will always run true, but you risk nicking your line by the wire ends or having the knot slide slightly thereby pinching the line between where the wire is doubled. Both of which will drastically weaken your connection.
On the other hand, if you tie on the doubled spot on the ring, you won’t have the aforementioned issues but MANY times you simply can’t get your lure to run true, no matter how you try to tune your lure. And trying to tie 90 degrees (1/4 turn) from the split, your knot will occasionally slide around to the single wire spot, loosening your knot (as it was previously tied around two wires) AND get you back to the issue with nicking and pinching.
My solution is to replace round split rings with oval ones or use the “quick change” ones, though for trolling for big fish (I’ve done A LOT of striper trolling) I highly recommend NOT using the quick release style for strength reasons.
Just tought I’d share my experience and thoughts on part of what you touched on in the video.
Keep those drags screamin’ !

Alan Whitworth
2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Teague

Luke thank you for your insight and taking the time to talk about this issue. You mentioned the strength difference in the loop knot vs the “snug” knot on the split ring. Please quantify that difference.
Mike Teague, you have an excellent thought as well. I have a number of the oval split rings that I should be using on my trolled lures.

2 years ago
Reply to  Mike Teague

That’s the same issue I have with the split rings n my knots getting down into the split ring opening. I re-tie often. I’m not sure if there’s anything else a guy can try with different knots or not.


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