Quick Tips To Tighten Down Knots To Avoid Losing Fish

THIS is how to tighten down knots to avoid losing fish!!!

It is super important to make sure your knots are properly cinched down so you don’t lose out on fish.

Fix this common error with these quick tips below!

Tighten Down Knots To Avoid Losing Fish [VIDEO]

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All too often, I see anglers forget to cinch their knots down and lose fish.

If you hook into a big fish after leaving the knot as is, you risk the tag end slipping down and out of the knot effectively undoing the knot.

Make sure the knot is fully snug to the hook or jighead.

If you’re using a loop knot, make sure the coils are tightly snug together.

Once you start tying the knot, stop before you’re about to cinch it down and lubricate the line.

You can use saliva very by very quickly putting the line in your mouth or water is also an option.

This helps the line cinch down and reduce heat from friction as the line slides and the coils form.

Use your thumbnail to slide the knot down as you pull on the line.

Again, make sure the knot is fully snug against the eye of the hook.

If you’re using smaller hooks that you can’t grab with your hand, you can hook it onto something to secure it as you cinch the knot down.

Once you’ve done that, go ahead and cut the tag end off of the knot.

Leave about 1/4-inch of line on the tag end.

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Kevin Clamser
6 months ago

how long of a leader length do you have when setting up you rod ?

william Faulhaber
7 months ago

Great idea of attaching the smaller hooks to something like pliers… Thanks Tony!

Ed Cox
8 months ago

Great info. An area I’ve really never focused on. Thanks

Mark Ethridge
8 months ago

Good info Tony! Thanks for sharing.

Mark R Johnson
8 months ago

In addition, I’ll pull on the tag end as well before cutting it.


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