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Inshore Saltwater Fishing Leader Line Mistakes

What are the most common inshore saltwater fishing leader line mistakes anglers make? Are they cutting the leader too short or too long?...
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Saltwater Fishing Knots 101

Do you know all the best saltwater fishing knots? Which ones do you prefer to use? Check out every knot in Saltwater Fishing Knots 101...
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Shock Leaders: When & How To Use Them For Surf Fishing

Shock leaders can help you lose fewer fish, but do you always need one? See when to use shock leaders here, plus what size line to use and how to tie them.
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How To Tie The “Knot With No Name” [Mono To Leader Knot]

See how to tie a very strong mono-to-leader connection called the "Knot With No Name"... a must-know knot for anglers who use mono lines and leaders.
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How to Tie the Blood Knot [Video & Picture Tutorials]

Want to know one of the strongest knots for connecting fishing lines? In this article, we show you the step-by-step process on how to tie the Blood Knot.
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How to Tie the Crazy Alberto Knot [Video & Step-by-Step]

Luke Simonds shows you how to tie the Crazy Alberto Knot with step-by-step pictures and a video tutorial using braided line and fluorocarbon leader.
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How to Tie the Albright Special Knot [Step-by-Step & Video Tutorial]

See the best and strongest way to tie the Albright Special Knot, where it originates and what fishing situations you should use it for.
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How To Tie The Uni Knot With Braid & Fluoro [Free PDF Cheat Sheet]

Want to know how to tie the Uni Knot the quickest and easiest way possible? Then check out this UNI knot video and PDF (you'll see the strongest versions of the Uni knot for both braid and fluoro)
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Double Davy Knot [Video Tutorial & Strength Test]

Wondering how strong the Double Davy Knot is? Or need directions on how to tie it? This post shows strength test results plus how to tie this popular knot.
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The Strongest Line-to-Line Fishing Knot (Mono-to-Mono Knot Contest)

Want to know which line to line knot is actually the strongest? Well check out the results of this fishing knot contest to see which knot truly is best.
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