How to Tie the Albright Special Knot [Step-by-Step & Video Tutorial]


The Albright Special Knot

The Albright Special Knot is a great knot for connecting braid to mono/fluorocarbon line or for making mono to mono knots. It is especially useful for connecting two lines of different diameters.

This knot is similar to the Crazy Alberto Knot and the FG Knot, though both of those knots have proved to be stronger than the Albright Special Knot according to our knot strength tests.

In this article, we go step-by-step to show you the best and strongest way to tie the Albright Special Knot. We also have a video tutorial to show you how to tie the Albright Speical Knot using your own two hands.

Step-By-Step: Tying the Albright Special Knot

In this section, we break down each step for tying the Albright Speical Knot. For this application of the knot, we use a fluorocarbon leader to braided line for the connection.

Step 1: Double Your Leader Line

Double over your leader line by making a loop using three inches of leader line. Pinch the tag end of your loop between your thumb and index finger.

Albright Special Knot Step 1
Step 1: Double your leader line.

Step 2: Pull 8 Inches of Braided Line Through Your Doubled Leader

Next, take eight inches of your braided line and put it through the doubled leader loop you made in step 1. Align the braided tag end parallel with your leader line.

Albright Special Step 2.1

Albright Special Step 2.2
Step 2: Pull eight inches of braid through your leader loop and align it with the leader line.

Step 3: Make Two Loops with Braided Line Around the Doubled Leader Line, Pinch it down

Make two loops with your braided around both strands of your doubled leader line. Then pinch the endpoint of the braided loops and leader line down with your thumb and index finger.

Albright Special step 3.1

Albright Special Step 3.3
Step 3: Make two loops around your doubled leader using your braided line, pinch down the endpoint.

Step 4: Wrap Your Braided Tag End Around Your Lines 12 Times

Using the tag end of your braided line, make at least 12 wraps around your doubled leader line and braided line. Pinch down the loops with your thumb and index finger.

Albright Special Step 4.1

Albright Special step 4.2

Albright Special step 4.3

Albright Special Step 4.4
Step 4: Using your tag end of the braided line, make 12 wraps around the leader and braided line endpoint. Pinch down the loops with your fingers.

Step 5: Put Your Tag End of the Braided Line Through Your Leader Loop, Pull Knot Tight

Put the tag end of your braided line back through the leader loop up your running braided line. Make sure your tag end of the braided line goes through the leader loop in the same direction as your running braided line, meaning if you put your braided line through the front end of your leader loop in step 1, you put your braided tag end through the back end of your leader loop in this step.

Pull tight on the four strands of your leader and braided line in opposite directions to tighten the knot. Do not pull the knot completely tight just yet, but get it most of the way there.

Albright Special step 5.1

Albright Special step 5.2
Step 5: Put your braided tag end through the leader loop and pull the knot to about 80 percent tightness.

Final Step: Wet Your Knot and Pull it Tight

Finally, wet your knot with water or spit and pull it as tight as possible. Cut the tag ends of your braided and leader line and your Albright Special Knot is complete.

The Albright Special Knot completed
The completed Albright Special Knot.

The Albright Special Knot Video Tutorial

Check out the video below to see my tutorial on how to tie the Albright Special Knot — making a braid to leader connection.

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The Albright Special is one of the most commonly used fishing knots in the world, however, it is not the strongest one to use in our opinion.

The Crazy Alberto Knot has shown to be stronger, as has the FG Knot.

Still, this is a great knot for connecting two lines together, whether that be braid to fluorocarbon/mono or mono to mono connections.

Adding this knot to your repertoire will make you a better angler and will give you another option for connecting your lines.

Let us know if you have any questions about this knot or how to use it in the comments below.

Tight Lines!

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roy noblin
5 years ago

my last trip out i caught a spanish mackerel and noticed my leader was frayed a little and decided to replace it. i learned a very good lesion, clean your hands well before trying to tie the line to the leader and leader to hook. i did not and tried many different knots and more wraps than usual and all would slip as i tried to tighten. i even had it cut my fingers slipping and i didn’t feel it cutting. i finally realized what was going on and cleaned the fish oil off my hands and removed braid until i was pass the point i had touched and got new piece of leader. my guess you are aware as are others but thought i’d mention for those who may not be.


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