How to Tie the Crazy Alberto Knot [Video & Step-by-Step]


The Crazy Alberto Knot

The Crazy Alberto Knot is a fantastic knot for connecting braid to mono/fluorocarbon line or for making mono to mono knots. It is a strong knot, though not the easiest to tie.

This knot is similar to the Albright Special and the FG Knot. According to our knot strengths test, the Crazy Alberto Knot’s strength is in between the Albright Special Knot and the FG Knot — which is the strongest of the three.

In this article, we go step-by-step to show you how to tie the Crazy Alberto Knot. We also provide a video tutorial to give you another option to learn how to tie this knot.

Step-By-Step: Tying the Crazy Alberto Knot

In this section, we go step-by-step to show you how to tie the Crazy Alberto Knot. We are using a fluorocarbon leader and connecting it to braided line for this tutorial.

Step 1: Double Your Leader Line

Start with your leader in your left hand and your braided line (or your running mono/fluorocarbon line) in your right hand. Double your leader line, making a 1.5 inch-long loop. Pinch the newly formed loop between your thumb and index finger.

Crazy Alberto Knot Step 1
Step 1: double your leader line.

Step 2: Pull 4-5 Inches of Braided Line Through Your Leader Loop

Pull four to five inches of braided line through the top of your leader loop from step 1.

Alberto Knot Step 2.1

Crazy Alberto step 2.2
Step 2: Pull 4-5 inches of braided line through your leader loop.

Step 3: Make 7 Loops Down Your Leader Loop Toward the Tag End

Take the tag end of your braided line and pull it up over the front of your leader loop. Then make seven wraps with your braided line around the leader loop down toward the tag end of your leader line. Pinch the final wrap with your left thumb and index finger.

Crazy Alberto Knot Step 3.1

Crazy Alberto Knot Step 3.2

Crazy Alberto Knot step 3.3
Step 3: Make seven wraps with your braided line around the leader loop.

Step 4: Make 7 Wraps Up Your Leader Loop Toward Your Braided Running Line

Take the tag end of your braided line over the front of your leader loop and make seven wraps up your leader line the opposite direction of the wraps you made in step 3 (toward your running braid line). After making seven wraps, pinch the endpoint with your thumb and index finger.

Crazy Alberto Knot Step 4.1

Crazy Alberto Knot step 4.2

Crazy Alberto step 4.3

Crazy Alberto Knot step 4.4
Step 4: Make seven wraps back up the leader loop.

Step 5: Pull Your Tag Braid Line Through the Back of Leader Loop

Take the tag end of your braided line and pull it through the back of your leader loop. Then, take the tag and running end of your braided line in your right and the tag and running end your leader line in your left hand. Pull the lines in opposite directions to about 90 percent tightness.

Crazy Alberto Knot Step 5.1

Crazy Alberto Knot step 5.2
Step 5: Put the tag braid end through the leader loop, pull all lines tight.

Final Step: Wet Your Knot and Pull It Tight

Finally, wet your knot with water or saliva and pul the tight as tight as possible. Cut the tag ends of the knot with scissors. Your Crazy Alberto Knot is ready for fishing.

The Crazy Alberto Knot
The completed Crazy Alberto Knot

The Crazy Alberto Knot Video Tutorial

See the video below to see how I tie the Crazy Alberto Knot.

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This is a good strong knot for connecting two lines, though not the easiest to tie – especially when actually out on the water.

It’s best to practice this knot at home quite a bit before employing it in your fishing trips. It can be an extremely useful knot to know but if you do not tie it the correct way, it can cause you fits.

Let us know if you have any questions about how to tie this knot or when to use it in the comments below.

Tight Lines!

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Tom Walling
9 months ago

i have never used this i thinnk it will be a great knot to use in the future

1 year ago

Test this alberto knot it has no tag ends

Robert Thomas
3 years ago

I’ve had great luck with this knot, however I use an figure eight loop in the mono. I’m curious to try it this way as occasionally when casting a drum rig in the surf I’ll sail my rig off and lose my shock leader. I wonder if this will prevent that. Also would the line wraps have a shock load reducing characteristic like a bimini twist?


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