Why Is Fishing So Addictive?


Why is fishing so addictive?

What is it about fishing that has you ‘hooked’?

Fishing is a timeless activity that has been passed down in some cases from generation to generation.

But what about it keeps us coming back for more?

In this episode, our Fishing Coaches discuss their overall love for fishing and their motivations to teach others the knowledge they have acquired over the years of fishing.

Check it out!!!

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Why Is Fishing So Addictive? [PODCAST]

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We covered A LOT in this episode, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:30 – Smart Fishing Spots App
  • 4:00 – Why is fishing so addictive?
  • 8:05 – The Thrill of Reward
  • 12:22 – “The Itch You’ll Never Be Able To Scratch”
  • 16:24 – Fishing is unique to YOU
  • 19:49 – Life Revelations & Peace of Mind
  • 23:46 – Stress-Relief & Emotions
  • 24:30 – Fishing is just FUN
  • 26:08 – Any Cast could be THE Cast
  • 29:00 – What is your favorite part of a Fishing Day?
  • 29:46 – Answering some comments
  • 31:23 – Pre-trip preparation
  • 33:44 – Social Media Impact & Recognition
  • 39:45 – Tackle & Gear
  • 40:40 – Power Prawn U.S.A. Jr.
  • 42:09 – Trying new things in different situations
  • 43:38 – Appreciation

Why Is Fishing So Addictive? [VIDEO]

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Everyone has their own unique story about how they started fishing and how they felt reeling in that first fish.

Fishing means something different to us all and represents something we will cherish and enjoy forever.

Please share what it is about fishing that you find so addictive down in the comments!

Do you have any questions about why is fishing so addictive?

Let us know down below!!

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David Lipsius.
1 year ago

Very excellent podcast. Covered so many area that I can relate to, or identify with.

Claudio Agnello
1 year ago

I agree with what all of you said about why fishing is so good for us. Besides those reasons to be on the water, when friends ask me why I fish, I tell them it’s to satisfy that million year old gene I possess to hunt. To be out there trying to find “game” requires us to harness all that ancient knowledge to be successful. Unlike hunting on land, we can release our prey for another day or another angler. Great podcast guys.

George Layton
1 year ago

I tip my SALT STRONG hat to all of you & APPRECIATION is the word !!! Thanks to all of you !!!

Dave sturgeon
1 year ago

I’ll tell you exactly why I’m addicted to fishing. It’s always the ones that get away. Sure it’s always nice to land a bull red or a big snook. But the ones that get away… like the tarpon I had on last weekend for literally 5 seconds… THAT’S what brings me back.


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