Transforming “At-Risk” Kids Through Fishing & The Outdoors


One of the things I love about the Salt Strong podcast is that I get to meet so many interesting people and share them and their missions with you!

I’m especially excited to share today’s guest with you because of the amazing work he’s doing.

Jovan McNeill started Cloud Nine Outdoors where he takes high-risk kids and mentors them and takes them out hunting, fishing, and doing other outdoor activities.

The problem is that these kids get bored, and when they get bored it’s way too easy for them to get into trouble.

A lot of them don’t have fathers around and live in tough communities where there are relatively few good examples to follow (and too many bad examples to follow).

Jovan is able to come into their lives by working through the school system and take these kids under his wing.

He partners with fishing and hunting guides to give these kids opportunities they would have likely never had to experience the outdoors, while at the same time keeping tabs on how they’re doing in school.

He’s been at it for four years, and in those four years, he’s had a 100% success rate, meaning no kid has dropped out of school and every one of them has gone on to college or trade school upon graduating high school.

In this episode Jovan shares:

  • How he learned to fish with his mom and grandma using cane poles and worms (and how this was their bonding time)
  • How he escaped the streets and has now made it his life mission to help others escape as well using the outdoors
  • How his program gets kids on the right track
  • Why these kids are loving working with him (and even telling their friends about it!)
  • And much more

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.


P.S. Before you listen to the podcast, check out what one parent had to say about Jovan and Cloud Nine Outdoors:

cloud nine outdoors

Transforming Kids Through Fishing [PODCAST]

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Check out the videos below for a little glimpse of the awesome work Cloud Nine Outdoors does.

Cloud Nine Outdoors 2018 Recap [VIDEO]

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Love seeing all the smiles on these kids (and volunteers!) faces!

Fishmas In July With Hubbard’s Marina [VIDEO]

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Most of these kids have never experienced going out on a boat or catching a fish and it’s amazing that Jovan is helping these kids experience it for the first time.


From his mom taking him out on Hubbard’s trips in the winter to him taking kids out on Hubbard’s trips for Fishmas in July, Jovan has come a long way and is really making an impact on his community.

If you want to keep up with Jovan and Cloud Nine Outdoors, donate to them (100% of the money goes to the kids), or just follow and support them on social media, you can do so at the links below:

Have any questions about Cloud Nine Outdoors?

Let us know in the comments below!

And please share this episode so you can help spread the Cloud Nine Outdoors mission!

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Stephen Kennedy
2 years ago

I see Jovan putting in work here in the Bay Area mentor young men through fishing. Followed him for a while now on the social platforms. Inspiring to say the least. 🤙

Jonathan Cox
3 years ago

This is awesome, keep up the great work Jovan!

Spencer Wells
3 years ago

Love the episode!! Love all of them. Nothing like being able to hear about fishing while I’m at work or driving. Thank you all for your continuous hard work!

Thomas Campbell
3 years ago

Glad to see that there are people out there that care about other! Love it! Great pod cast


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