Salt Strong Newsletter: 9-1-2019

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Happy September Salt Strong Nation!

I hope you were able to get out and catch some big ones this past weekend!

And for all you Florida folks I’m praying that you’re prepared and stay safe as we see where Hurricane Dorian decides to make landfall.

We have an awesome newsletter this week with new spots, fishing with live shrimp tips, and even a story about how one of our Insiders pulled the old switcheroo and put his parents on their first redfish!

And a big shoutout to Insider member, Jacinda on a beautiful snook in the picture above!


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Artificial Shrimp Mini-Course [Tips and Tactics for Rigging and Retrieving]

It’s shrimp time! Artificial shrimp lures are awesome baits to throw year-round, and in just about any type of conditions. In this “mini-course” you will...
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How To Catch Fish With Live Shrimp In The Shallows (Spots & Rigging Tips)

Want to catch tons of fish on the flats? Try throwing out a live shrimp. In this video you'll learn the best spots, rigging and more for using live shrimp.
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How To Add Rattles To Soft Plastics For More Strikes

Do you fish with artificials in dark or murky water? Then you might want to try to add rattles to your soft plastics! Watch this video to learn how.
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Spot Dissection: Finding Fish in Areas With Large Tidal Swings [Parris Island, SC]

This Spot Dissection will be covering an area requested by member Stephen Wyatt on finding fish in areas with large tidal swings. I will be...
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This Hook Makes Rigging Z-Man Lures Super Easy

Do you use Z-Man lures? Want an easy solution to rig them weedless? Check out this review of the ChinlockZ hooks to learn how I use them, and when not to...
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Transforming “At-Risk” Kids Through Fishing & The Outdoors

Meet the man behind Cloud Nine Outdoors who's taking "at-risk" kids and getting them outside. He's helping them get better grades, stay out of trouble, and
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Capt. George Gozdz: From Emergency Room To His Own Fishing Show

Have you seen the new fishing show "Unfathomed"? Capt. George Gozdz is like the Anthony Bourdain of the fishing world as he travels and catches trophy fish.
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Spot Dissection From Power Fishing Trip [Key Feeding Zone Trend]

This spot dissection shows what key trend to look for when fishing areas with lots of rain runoff. We fished a lot of water, and this was the #1 trend.
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Boat Camping: 5 Steps For Safe, Exciting Overnight Boat Trips

Have you been boat camping? Imagine spending the night out under the stars with the waves gently rocking you to sleep. If that sounds awesome, here are 5...
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Strong Angler Of The Week: Stephen Wyatt

This guy is a new member who's already active and helpful in the community. And not only that, he's making memories on the water by putting his parents...
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