How To Add Rattles To Soft Plastics For More Strikes

By: Tony Acevedo on August 28, 2019
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adding glass rattles to soft plastics

Are you looking to gain a little edge when you’re inshore fishing?

Do you fish at night, or in dark or murky water?

Then you might want to consider adding rattles to your soft plastics.

It’s quick, easy, and is a great little trick to have up your sleeve!

When fish can’t see well, such as at night or in dark or murky water, they rely on other senses, such as hearing or feeling vibrations in the water to track down their food.

So when you add rattles to your soft plastic, it makes it much more likely that it’ll catch a fish’s attention in these situations.

The problem is, it can be tricky to put these rattles in your lure while still allowing for its normal action in the water.

In this video, I’ll share with you exactly how to insert rattles into your plastic lure, plus I’ll reveal a secret ninja trick I use that helps these rattles stay inside Z-Man lures.

You can watch this video below.


How To Add Rattles To Soft Plastics [VIDEO]

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Adding rattles to your soft plastics can be great if you fish in tough-to-see conditions, such as at night, or in dark or murky water.

And when you’re adding rattles to your soft plastics, keep these two things in mind:

  1. Insert the rattle close to the head or the middle of the body and make sure it doesn’t interfere with your normal rigging
  2. Make sure the plastic forms back behind the rattle and holds it in (otherwise you’ll lose your rattle!)

Have any questions about using rattles in soft plastics?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Michael Palmieri
4 months ago

Thanks for the review Tony, well done!
Would these work with jig heads as well as weighted hooks?

Eric Estrada
7 months ago

Great idea! How about using jig heads with rattles? I believe H&H makes some.

Richard Doane
8 months ago

Love this idea. going to try it out. Thanks

Floyd Nevseta
9 months ago

Do you change your retrieve when using a rattle in a paddletail? I normally don’t twitch when I use them, just a nice steady retrieve.

Terence Buydos
9 months ago

H&H were out of stock in store at Amazon but Bass pro had 3mm ones 15 pack for $6 free store delivery. But Amazon has a 50! pack of 3/4/ or 5 mm for 9.99 including shipping. No Prime. any one local want a few, come see me I sure don’t need all 50. But you need to promise to not fish south of the melbourne causeway.

Pat Ogletree
9 months ago

So funny you posted this. I started using the exact same rattles during my last few trips. I think it makes a difference for sure in the murky water.
What has been working for me is rigging with an OTL but make the pilot hole in the head of the bait deeper. Insert the rattle in the head and then put the center pin of the OTL as you would normally. I think that way it keeps the rattle from flinging out after awhile. I was actually successful doing that with the Gulp product but it’s been hit and miss with those. Great tip and the rattle aren’t that expensive at all.