Fishing Line Colors: Best Colors, Worst Colors, & Fishing Line Mistakes


Ever wonder if the color of your fishing line matters?

There has been a ton of debate around fishing line color.

Can fish see your line?

Do fish really care?

Listen in as we dive into the world of fishing line colors and hear what we think about the different colors of line and which ones have performed best for us.

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Best Fishing Line Color [VIDEO]

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Best Fishing Line Color [PODCAST]

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Here’s a timestamped table of contents:

  • 0:50 – Your connection to the fish
  • 1:17 – Here’s what Wyatt uses and why
  • 2:20 – Using colors to manage your line
  • 3:12 – Sticking with what works for you
  • 4:23 – Does color spook fish or is it your presentation?
  • 5:02 – Many, many other factors go into what line is best
  • 6:03 – Why Luke switched to hi-vis yellow
  • 7:35 – Luke’s pink line (does it work?)
  • 8:10 – Why Luke switched back from hi-vis yellow
  • 10:08 – Are you confident in your line color?
  • 11:15 – Fishing line colors in dirty water debate
  • 13:02 – The over-analyzation of colored line
  • 14:32 – Here’s the final verdict
  • 15:26 – Pink vs clear leader line
  • 16:29 – Refraction and reflection (why it matters)
  • 18:19 – Abrasion resistance testing of line
  • 20:45 – Tints of mono and if it makes a difference
  • 22:30 – Do different depths of water require different colors of line?
  • 24:18 – The offshore pelagic study
  • 26:31 – Different variables in water color vs line color
  • 27:53 – Should you use natural-looking colored line when fishing with live bait?
  • 29:24 – Success is preparation plus luck
  • 30:50 – Line diameter is super important
  • 32:16 – Can bass find bait blindfolded?
  • 35:50 – The benefits of lighter line
  • 36:30 – Casting contest results that will shock you
  • 39:34 – Leader line color final verdict
  • 42:38 – Go with what you trust
  • 42:52 – Don’t be over powered or you may end up under whelmed


braided line color

Having the proper diameter and line strength absolutely plays a huge role in performance.

But, from our experience, color does not!

What’s your favorite color of fishing line?

Do you think line color makes a difference?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who feels that line color is important, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Sonny Reeves
1 year ago

Luke in one of his videos, as I recall, recommended; Paul Johnson, The Scientific Angler, have you coaches read this book? Would love to hear a good review. We feel the scent trail and action of the lure presentation means more to the strikes. Your experienced opinions are appreciated and noted.

Last edited 1 year ago by Sonny Reeves
Sonny Reeves
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

On your recommendations I found a copy. Very carefully reading. Seeya

1 year ago

Here in Central America We use sabiki rigs to catch Pacific Green jacks!We alaways use a 20 foot grey mono leader ahead of the sabiki rig !We found it catches a lot more bait then fastening sabiki rig direct to braid!

David Johnson
1 year ago

Does Saltstrong have a line “cheat sheet”. Type/size/color/brand to use in various situations?

Mike Spontak
2 years ago

I’ve been chartering for 10 years and I have found another reason for different colored lines, it’s so you can untangle the lines. Another reason for colored lines.

Ricky Wagner
2 years ago

I am just getting to watch this and it is great info and kind of funny because me and my friend just had this conversation before we went fishing last weekend. I use a clear mono line and he was using a green braided line. We both caught some fish.

Monte Graham
2 years ago

Great discussion guys! This was very helpful to me and I’m sure many others. Thanks guys!

2 years ago

Fished palm beach for 50 years trolling live bait offshore. I’ve used Ande tournament hi vis yellow exclusively before braid came and caught boat loads of tuna,dolfin,wahoo etc… For snapper it’s nothing but pink ande for me and I’ve had enough evidence to justify how effective it is due to my buddy who worships flouro. I see flouro as a waste of money.
I’ve also used all colors of braid. I love the mossy green p’pro but it’s awful hard to see at night and in low light and now use hi vis yellow p’pro because I can see it better with these old eyes and I still catch just as many fish.
Ps….I’m so old I remember when a 300yrd spool of pink ande was $3.25. It hurts my soul to pay $14 for a spool today.
Good vid. I’ve said before….I feel like you guys have fished w me for years…. so quit giving away my damn secrets !

Xavier Muniz
2 years ago

Do you have a braid/leader recommendation for fishing Anclote River / canals with residential structure/docks, which can have pretty heavy current at times? I’ve been using 30lb braid with 40lb fluoro leader, and this video makes me think I’m too heavy and scaring fish with the line movement… however, to Luke’s point, I can’t go too light due to the current/structure.

2 years ago
Reply to  Xavier Muniz

I fish anclote these days and use strictly 10 to 20lb braid with mosrly 20lb leader or 40 to 60lb if I’m specifically looking for snook but 40 mainly. You really dont need 30lb test but stick w what works for you.

Steven Pepus
2 years ago

I remember one day fishing when I was a kid on my grandfather’s boat with his customers in the Chesapeake Bay for pan-sized stripers in a hole. I was using blue mono and catching nothing, everyone else was using clear mono and catching everything. He called out to me, told me to wind my line in and to hand him my rod. I did, he handed me another rod with clear mono, (just like everyone else was using) and I immediately started catching lots of fish, lol.

I now do more surf fishing here in Atlantic Beach, NC using Berkeley’s Trans Optic Mono Line, that has a gold sheen to it. It is amazing how many people walking the beach just stop when they see my rod and try and see the line and it takes them a few seconds to find it. I’ve had a few people say to me “Sorry, I just couldn’t see the line (if they walk into it) and I kind of laugh and say, “Well, that’s kind of the point right?” and we all get a good laugh lol.

Capt. Tom Marks
2 years ago

I am curious about fish feeling the line in the water. Feeling a heavier leader as opposed to a lighter leader. Snook fishing on the beach where there is almost nothing for the leader to get a braided vs a mangrove shore or docks. I am using 40lb mono leaders but my leaders a what I think are short 12 inches sometimes a little less. I have been successful getting bit. Do you think the length of leader plays a role whether a fish feels it? For trout I am using about the same leader length with what I believe no issues. Since I finally have just caught some reds in the same areas as the snook I have the heavy short leader. I would be interested in some thoughts on this.


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