Beyond Braid Review: Great Line Or Great Marketing?


Have you seen the Beyond Braid ads everywhere online?

We’ve had lots of requests come in to review this new braid and see if it really does go beyond our expectations.

For this comparison, I put PowerPro Maxcuatro 20# up against Beyond Braid 20# to see which one is stronger in the ultimate knot strength test.

If you’ve considered getting Beyond Braid, you are not going to want to miss this video.

Check it out below!

Beyond Braid vs. PowerPro [VIDEO]

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In this knot strength test, I used the Double Uni knot and the FG knot.

Here’s how to tie the knots in this video:

I tie the knot, wet the line, and then test it on the knot strength machine.

And this really turned out to be no contest!

PowerPro demolished Beyond Braid.

In fact, the worst strength tests of the PowerPro were still beating the best numbers of the Beyond Braid.

And to make these results even more interesting, Beyond Braid is actually thicker than PowerPro Maxcuatro!

It’s rare that a thinner line beats out a thicker line to this extent…

But it happened!

Here are the results of this test:

Uni Knot:

PowerPro Maxcuatro

Average of 5 Rounds: 20.90 lbs.

Beyond Braid

Average of 5 Rounds: 15.35 lbs.

FG Knot:

PowerPro Maxcuatro

Average of 3 Rounds: 25.38 lbs.

Beyond Braid

Average of 3 Rounds: 23.12 lbs.

I was not that impressed with the PowerPro Maxcuatro, but more so very unimpressed with the Beyond Braid quality and strength.

Note: We do not sell either of these items so this is a totally unbiased tackle recommendation based on the true performance of the products.


save money on fishing line

Beyond Braid performed a lot worse than I expected!

Even though it’s a little thicker than PowerPro Maxcuatro, it’s actually significantly weaker.

Typically I would also do a casting test to determine which line is superior, but considering how poorly the Beyond Braid performed, I won’t waste my time or yours.

Have any questions about our knot strength tests?

Do you have any line you’d like me to review?

Let me know down in the comments!

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3 months ago

Can you retest the beyond braid their 8x?

Brian Kenerson
3 months ago

Not a comparable comparison should’ve matched it up against regular power pro instead of power pros premium line I just started using last year and 40 pound test for Salt water mostly stripers to the high 40 pound mark with zero issues less wind knots than regular power pro holds that shape better Max Curato was specifically made to fill the thinner stronger niche and I do understand they’re both for carrier braids But it always comes down you get what you pay for

Seth Reynolds
1 year ago

I used 60lb green camo beyond braid on my surf rods with around 50 yards of 60lb mono on top and caught multiple 4-5.5 foot sharks with it. The braid never broke on me nor failed at the knot. However, I could just be lucky that it hasn’t broken on me yet.

James MacBurnie
1 year ago

I was hoping you could test my Beyond braid I bought earlier this year. I bought 2000 yards of blue camo 60 lb test. I put all of it on my poles. To date I have not caught one fish with it. Every fish hooked was immediately lost due to line breakage. All of the breaks were within 5’ of the pole tips on different rods. I should have realized there was a defect in the line when I opened it and pulled out a few feet of line and it just broke. I just thought it was a fluke. Drags were not set tight. Contacted beyond braid and said it is not possible their line is a fault and offered me a 20% off coupon. Ridiculous. I would like to know if anyone else had this problem. Never again. Bad customer service. Removing it all.

Mitchell V Rigdon III
1 year ago

I bought a bunch of beyond braid and now have taken it off all my reels its made in china not the United States as claimed… it’s package in the United States only…it broke during casting, and on fish almost everytime… I have several spools never opened and they refuse a return.

Greg Padgett
1 year ago

Just purchased 8# Beyond Braid and put on some of my reels. It broke mid line during the cast on two separate rods with 1/8 jig heads and another broke fighting a slot redfish. I emailed customer service and they told me they don’t warranty any package that has been opened.

Robert Rodriguez
2 years ago

Beyond braid, just absolutely terrible. Don’t do it, save your money, unless you absolutely have to find out for yourself.

Joe Moody
2 years ago

Can you test spider wire

Jonathan Fortune
2 years ago

Thanks for saving me money! Beyond Braid is blowing up on Facebook with marketing, and it appears lots of people are buying it. Thanks again Salt Strong. You guys are awesome.

Ron Scott
2 years ago

Luke, did the FG knot break with either product? Or did the braid break near the knot? What leader did you use? The slick ads for Beyond Braid almost got me! I’m glad you’re looking out!


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