Beyond Braid 8x VS. Daiwa 8 Grand VS. PowerPro Maxcuatro


This line experiment featuring Beyond Braid 8x tests this new line that is being heavily marketed on social media to an established line that has proven itself to be a top contender for saltwater fishermen who use braid.

The ultimate quest for the best braided line available to inshore saltwater anglers continues!

Check out the results right here!!

Beyond Braid 8x Strength Test

braided fishing line podcast

There have been a lot of requests to include Beyond Braid in braided line strength tests.

In the past, we tested Beyond Braid 4x strength. But for this test, we are testing their new Beyond Braid 8x line.

Since it is an 8-strand braided line, we will compare Beyond Braid to Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand.

PowerPro Maxcuatro is a 4-strand line that we tested the 1st version of Beyond Braid against. And I included in this experiment to see how it performs against their 8-strand line.

Note: All 3 lines in this test are rated at 20 lbs.

Line Strength Test Assembly

The test assembly used for this experiment is motorized for the purpose of obtaining highly accurate results.

The motor pulls back on the line creating tension which is measured by a scale on the end determining how much weight the line can hold before giving in and breaking.

Strength Test Results

beyond braid 8x experiment

Before we get into the results of the experiment, it is noteworthy to point out that the different lines performed better and worse when tied on using different knots.

The test was conducted in 9 total runs with each different line tested 3 times using 3 different knots.

We tested 3 separate breaks with each type of line to see how the different lines performed with different knots.

Overall, Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand was the most consistent and had the highest average weight total before breaking at 23.18 lbs.

Beyond Braid 8x came in second at 21.12 lbs with PowerPro Maxcuatro trailing behind.

When compared to Beyond Braid 4x, the Beyond Braid 8x is clearly the stronger option.

PowerPro Maxcuatro in total was 5% weaker than Beyond Braid.

And, Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand was 10% stronger than Beyond Braid.

Different Knots Results

In the table above, green indicates the winner within that knot category.

Yellow reveals the runner-up and the lighter orange color indicates the line that came in last.

Beyond Braid came in last for two of the knots used in this experiment.

However, it came in first when tied using the Trilene Knot.

Additionally, the Trilene Knot continues to outperform the Uni Knot.

➡Click here to learn how to tie a Uni Knot

➡Click here to learn how to tie the Trilene Knot

Is There A Clear Winner?

After dissecting the experiment results, the Daiwa 8 Grand line technically performed the most consistently good throughout testing given the highest overall average.

However, the 8 Grand didn’t do quite as well as Beyond Braid when using the Trilene knot to Beyond Braid ended up with having the highest overall result for the Trilene knot.

It is simply too early to claim an absolute winner because we need to first test out the casting performance and longevity of these lines relative to one another… I’ll be doing that testing next.

➡Click here to check out Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand

➡Click here to check out Beyond Braid 8x

Beyond Braid 8x Strength Test [VIDEO]

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beyond braid review

Based on our testing of knot strength, it appears as if the Beyond Braid 8x performed much better than the Beyond Braid 4x that we tested previously.

Please be sure to leave a comment below if you have personal experience with the Beyond Braid line!

➡Click here to check out Daiwa J-Braid 8 Grand

➡Click here to check out Beyond Braid 8x

Do you have any more questions about Beyond Braid 8x?

Let us know down below!!

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robert g davis
2 months ago

Appreciate these tests and I would love to see how these differ in terms of materials used and manufacturing process.

joel burroughs
2 months ago

For the money in MHO I just use Power Pro. I work for a tackle shop and bring all I learn from you guys to work with me. I push Mono over Fluorocarbon and Power Pro over all others. We spool reels for customer and we do it with bulk rolls of line. If the customer wants other line they buy it off the rack and I’ll spool it. I guess if your fishing tournaments or serious offshore and you want to get picky then go for it. Tight lines folks

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  joel burroughs

Thanks for posting the nice comment Joel! Glad to see that some of these experiments are helping you help your clients.

John Giardiello
2 months ago

I like your strength test but I would have to go one step further than strength. Have you tested various braids for durability after using them in saltwater? Here’s why I ask. I have 20 lb braid on my spinning reels that I have used for a few years in saltwater with no problems. The braid was a no name brand bought online. I recently bought a saltwater baitcaster reel and rod and loaded it with 20 lb spider wire, because the online reviews gave it 👍. After fishing it in saltwater 2 times I found it to fray and loose it’s strength, looks like used dental floss. I checked the guides on the new fishing rod and they are perfect and the reel is very smooth so it’s not them causing the fraying. I’m fishing the same areas as I have with the spinning rods so it’s not anything different in the water. I even switched to a spinning rod after the line broke off on the baitcaster yesterday. Do you have any recommendations for braid that works best in saltwater based on longevity and durability – not just strength?

Luke Simonds
2 months ago

For longevity, I have to side with PowerPro because it has proven to hold up for a very long time.

John Giardiello
2 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

I’ll have to try it. Thanks

Dennis Monk
2 months ago

I prefer to buy products made in the USA. The Beyond Braid is guilty of false (misleading at least) advertising. You see an American flag on the Beyond Braid with the lie that it is an American company, even though it is made in China. J Braid is very smooth line and made in Japan. Power Pro is actually made in America and the Super Slick is very good line.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Dennis Monk

I agree that it’s ideal to go with Made in USA as much as possible. I picked up some PowerPro Slick V2 recently to test it against the J Braid.

Brian Schnurman
2 months ago

I am about ready to give up on braid due to wind knots. I spend more time untangling or losing 50 yards of line. Is this due to my own inexperience or do some braids cause more wind knots then others. Do you have any videos that I might learn more about wind knots? Thanks Luke!

Luke Simonds
2 months ago

Make sure to go through this lesson:

Michael Long
2 months ago

I found yo zuri braid to have somewhat less windknots. Also use a baitcaster instead of spinning really helps

greg lanier
2 months ago

Great test! Personally I have started using the j braid on my nicer stuff which I think may be on 5-6 rods. It does cost a little more but for me I have been impressed with it. Having had multiple wind knots that looked as if it would never come out the j braid has come out of the wind knot every time as to some of the cheaper braids once that has happened it was done for. I know this has nothing to do with the mentioned test but it is a positive mark for me on the j braid People will have all sorts of things to say they always do and of course you can’t test them all and you can’t please all people with the test or results but I certainly appreciate all that you guys do.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  greg lanier

Thanks for making time to post the nice comment Greg!

Rich Juergens
2 months ago

Guys, please test Cortland Master Braid when you can.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Rich Juergens

I’ll be sure to check that line out.

Ron Baran
2 months ago

Love the line tests. Never used that particular Power Pro, but definitely love the Slick V2 or Berkley 832. Hated the J Braid. Tight Lines!

Last edited 2 months ago by Ron Baran
Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Ron Baran

Thanks for sharing your findings Ron! What was your experience like with J Braid? What is the 8 Grand, or one of their other lines that you tried?

Michael Lawlor
2 months ago

Interesting that the link to the video for tying the Trilene knot says to use for fluorocarbon and mono but not ideal for braid….

Last edited 2 months ago by Michael Lawlor
Luke Simonds
2 months ago
Reply to  Michael Lawlor

That was because Tony did not try the 10 wraps with the braid… with 5 wraps, braid line is likely going to slip once under high tension. But the 10 wraps keeps them secure.

Harvey Crihfield
2 months ago

Why not test the FG Knot? I have a love hate relationship with this knot. Hurling a Bomber across the flats on ten pd test it frequently fails. Seems to happen more on Bull Bay Rods with the smaller guides.

Luke Simonds
2 months ago

I didn’t use the FG knot in this test because it takes much longer to tie when it’s not on a reel (I can’t do the tension method as easily when it’s on the spool compared to the normal method when it’s on the rod).

Philip Stoddard
2 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Luke, send me the lines you want to test with the FG, and and I will mail back to you 30 FG’s tied with my Wishbone knot tool, which works just fine off the reel. Phil


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