New Casting Contest Results: PowerPro vs. J-Braid vs. Fins

I’m back with NEW Casting Contest Results!!

This video is a continuation of our quest for the best of the best braided line for us inshore anglers to have as much advantage as possible when targeting big fish with light line.

Keep scrolling to learn more about the experiment and to see which line came out on top!

New Casting Contest Results [VIDEO]

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The lines in this experiment are all rated at 10 lbs, and we’ll be testing their casting performance in addition to their knot strength.

Another angle of this experiment is to get some perspective on how different strand counts perform since they are all different.

  • PowerPro = 4 strands
  • Fins Spin = 5 strands
  • J-Braid 8 Grand = 8 strands


The results were much closer than expected so they were within the margin of error given that the spools weren’t filled to the exact same levels.

As of today, my personal vote goes to the J-Braid x8 Grand.

It has already proven to have stronger pulling power (up to 26 lbs with the FG knot) while also performing very well in this casting contest.

Also, it’s the smoothest of them all which I like since it creates less vibration in the line as it goes through the guides.

This is just the first of a series of tests between these 3 lines.

We’ll have to wait until a 2nd test of how these lines perform after some actual usage time on the water since the day 1 results were extremely close!!

What did you think of this braided line experiment?

Do you have a favorite brand of line that you want to see included in a future test?

Let me know in the comments!!

Be sure to get the conversation started below!

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John Cervenka
3 months ago

What braid are yeah you loading on reels bought from Salt strong

Mark Yurchisin
5 months ago

Would like to see comparison on wind knots for each.

Alan Dignan
6 months ago

Good lesson Luke. How often do you recommend completely re spooling your reel with new line.

David Dawson
6 months ago

Thanks for test. Distance is very important but I find the most satisfaction for me comes as result of less wind knots. I’d like to know which lines you think are best performing in this area.

David Haznedl
6 months ago

Thanks for testing these Luke. I have always used Power pro. I bought a Florida Fishing Product reel recently and they spooled it for free with Diamond Braid. I have to say it out performs the reels with power pro in knot strength when using the double uni knot for braid to mono. I am always flexible and will be giving J braid a try.

salvatore berto
6 months ago

Hi Luke
Could you test a line and compare to some of the better lines that you have already tested it’s the Angryfish AGWX9 it seems to be very smooth and very small diameter.

Brian Higgins
6 months ago

Test Diamond braid. I have been using it for 9 months two to 3 times a week, 5 to 7 hours daily. It casts and retrieves smoother than many others, and it is still working n my reel after many months.

Greg Luzier
6 months ago

Great video! I’m sure that is all spools had the same amount of gap the results would be different

6 months ago

It’s like comparing apples to oranges, I believe they rach offer an 8 stand line why not compare those to one another?

Gregory McVeigh
6 months ago

Great info. Thanks!


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