How Line Diameter Effects Baitcasting Reels

Does line diameter really matter with baitcasting reels?

A lot of thought goes into casting when it comes to baitcasting reels and the rods you pair them with.

Line diameter is without a doubt the most overlooked factor in the entire setup.

Find out why!

How Line Diameter Effects Baitcasting Reels [VIDEO]

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But, it’s always been with spinning gear.

Will line diameter have the same effect on baitcasting reels as it does on spinning reels?

For this experiment, I started with 10 casts using 30lb braid and then stripped that off.

Then, I put 20lb braid on the same reel and performed 10 casts with lighter line.

The line in this test is Sufix 832 Braid and the reel is a Daiwa Tatula SVTW.

I also performed 10 casts with 15lb braid.

Results & Conclusions

The average for the 30lb test was 92 feet.

The average for the 20lb test was 107 feet.

Finally, the average for the 15lb test was 112 feet.

As you can see, the heavier line will cast more accurately in a small cluster.

But, the lighter line will definitely cast further.

If you’re looking to add length to your casts, it might not be the rod and reel you have.

It might be your line choice.


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Steven Free
24 days ago

That’s obvious to me considering anything heavier or thicker will not go as fat because it takes more energy to cast it farther the lighter the farther and man you must of spent alot of money on line casting with ot then stripping it off only to put different line on and so it over again?! Also you might want to mention that on baitcasting reels there is a braking system that I know for a fact newbies fail to set properly and sometimes it’s either to tight or loose meaning if to tight casts will be much shorter if to loose backlash will increase to occur the easiest method I found in increasing casting distance with any line diameter is to tie a lure on the end of the line then holding the rod about hip level release the casting bar or button and if tge lure does not fall slowly loosen the tension knob on the reels handle until the reels spool starts moving and the lure starts falling to the ground if the lure falls very fast and drops to the ground and the reels spool keeps turning the tension knob is to loose tighten the knob so that the lure falls but not to fast where when the lure hits the ground the reel spool keeps turning it should stop immediatly if the tension is set correctly if set to loose then again backlash will occur more frequently that’s how I learned to set the correct tension resulting in further casts with less backlashes with any line diameter thanks for the info and all you do😀👍

Josh Barabas
24 days ago

Fascinating post, Pat. As someone who has been undergoing a Baitcaster renaissance this past yeah, I appreciate the BC content. I was throwing 1-2 oz stick jigs on a Lexa 400 this past weekend for surf fishing. I really preferred it to my typically spinning set up (saves the index finger) and I was matching the cast distance pretty well. I think BC reels may be under appreciated for Surf Applications.

J.D. Hay
25 days ago

Great intel, thanks Pat!

25 days ago

Nicely done Pat. I sure do appreciate these comparison videos.would love to that spooling set up

Last edited 25 days ago by DAVE PERSON
Michael Guay
26 days ago

Really good visuals thanks a lot time to down size my line 👍😎🌴🇺🇸

William Travers
26 days ago

Excellent data. and a great idea for changing out line!


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