How To Prevent Braided Line Tangles On Spinning Reels


Here’s how you can prevent braided line tangles on your spinning gear!!

This video is for anglers across all skill levels looking for simple and quick solutions.

Take a look below!!

Prevent Braided Line Tangles On Spinning Reels [VIDEO]

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1) Closing The Bail

Whenever you are fishing with a spinning reel, you have to make sure you close the bail by hand and not just by reeling.

If you let the reel close the bail, you’ll get twists in the line, or the line can fall down and wrap around the spool.

It can be incredibly frustrating when you go to cast later on and there’s a mess of line on your spool.

Always close the bail by hand, and never turn the reel to close the bail.

2) Spooling Your Reels

Make sure there is tension on the line when you’re putting line onto the spool.

You want the line to be as tight and compact as possible on the spool.

This gives the line less of a chance to slip off the spool and cause a massive mess.

Most of our retrieves for inshore fishing are like the twitch-twitch-pause retrieve.

So every once in a while, cast your lure out as far as you can and give it a straight retrieve.

That way you’ll keep the line tight on the spool.

3) Manage Your Line Properly

Braided line has so many positive attributes such as it casts farther, and you can feel more strikes, among many other pros.

But one major thing anglers often overlook is that braid has to be managed and maintained.

Some braided lines also behave differently than others do.

For example, the Daiwa J-Braid x8 Grand has a tendency to shoot off the reel very fast which can cause chaos on the reel.

Sometimes a small loop will form on the edge of the reel and if you go to cast, that loop will take all the line on top of it with it resulting in a huge mess.

There are a couple of things we can do to solve this.

The first is something I mentioned earlier and that is to close the bail by hand after each cast.

The second thing you can do is give the mainline a quick tug.

That quick tug will pull the line into position where it then won’t lead to any knots or tangles.


how to fix and prevent wind knots

These might sound like additional things you have to worry about that will take time out of your fishing.

But with repetition, you’ll end up not realizing you do these small little things anymore.

On top of that, this will eliminate all of those line headaches and tangles from the past.

Do you have any more questions about how to prevent braided line tangles on spinning gear?

Let me know if you do anything different from what I mentioned in the video!

Please share down in the comments!!

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MIke Hurlbert
1 year ago

Needed this one. Thanks for the tips

1 year ago

I’m new to using braided line. Your comments have been VERY helpful. I don’t own a boat, so I fish the canals and waterways in the Miami Beach area. If you have ANY tips/expertise on this type of angling I’m certain they’ll be greatly appreciated by so many folks that do this type of fishing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. Wishes for continued good fortune, and great fishing!

Bill Capobianco
1 year ago

Hey Pat,

Great information. Another thing I noticed is to not over spool your reel. I have a new Shimano Stradic that was overspooled and continued to get windknots. As soon as I lost a bit of line, I wasn’t getting any more wind knots. I have noticed that on a reel in the past that was spooled by a store.

Ron Kalifeh
1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I really needed to hear that. I’ve been getting frustrated since switching to braid. I had kind of figured some of these things out but it was good to hear them from you. I’ve noticed the lighter the line, the more problems I’m having.

David Hettenhouser
1 year ago

Pat,great information keep all those little tips coming . Thanks again

Wayne Hayden
1 year ago

Thanks Pat, great tips. Braid has many advantages, but like most things that improve, there are tips like these that make it work to full potential.

Robert Stewart
1 year ago

Been fishing with spinning reels for decades and never knew to always close the bail by hand. Thanks for this tip, Pat. Will start using it later this week. Thank you, as a person is never too old to learn.

Lenny Friedman
1 year ago

I think the worst offender is loading too much braid onto the reel. I did this recently and started getting the only wind knots I’ve had in ages. Took off some line and problem solved. Just remember if you don’t load enough braid you will cut down on your casting distance. Thanks for the tips Pat.

Amber Lincoln
1 year ago

Happy to know how easy it is to get rid of those pesky loops over the reel!!
They can certainly wreak havoc on a good cast!
Many thanks!!

Last edited 1 year ago by Amber Lincoln
Thomas Moran
1 year ago

I didn’t see anyone mention this so I will – if you have a loop or knot in your spool, DON’T open the bail to get it out. Rather, loosen the drag and pull the line out against the drag. Pulling line off the spool with the bail open adds twists that compound the issue. Pulling it off the spool against the drag simply gets you to the loop without any additional twists and it usually resolves fully at that point. Since a friend told me about this it’s made resolving spool loops WAY easier to work out.

Samuel Borgert
1 year ago
Reply to  Thomas Moran

Thank you Thomas. Will try this. I’m never sure how to keep the small problems from becoming big ones.


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