The Bill Dance Wind Knot Hack


Wind knots.

We all get them and we all hate them.

Bill Dance taught me a lot about fishing but this little hack is a game-changer.

Check this out!!

Bill Dance Wind Knot Hack [VIDEO]

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When you find yourself stuck with a wind knot deep in your spool, your first instinct is to open up the bail and start peeling the line off.

This actually can lead to a couple of issues.

A lot of times, the knot will loop up onto itself forcing multiple strands of line to go in every which direction leaving you with even more tangles and knots to deal with.

The other issue is that as you pull the line off of your spool, it begins to ball up by your feet.

If you accidentally kick the line or it gets caught on something near your feet, you could end up with another mess of line to clean up.

So the solution is simple.

First, lighten your drag up to where it’s very loose.

Then, grab the end of your line that is still through the eyes of the fishing rod.

Start pulling on the line with your hands.

The wind knot will eventually untie itself and come undone as you pull the line out.

Now the line you’ve just pulled off is clean and knot-less.

Simply tighten your drag a bit more and reel the line back onto your spool putting just enough tension on the line so it lays evenly.

If you have any of your own remedies for eliminating wind knots, please share them in the comments section!

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Joe Senger
2 months ago

This single video justified the entire expense of my membership. I cannot even guess how many hundred wind knots I’ve untangled at my feet using the old method. I’ll never do that again. Thank you Bill Dance and Peter Deeks!

Charles Brandt
1 year ago

I have been fishing for 60 years and I never knew that. Thanks man.

Matt henson
1 year ago

Wow that simple. Wish I knew this years ago. Thanks Captain Pete.

1 year ago

WOW That’s purdy dang cool, thanks for sharing Capt Peter.

Patrick Maley
1 year ago

Hey peter cool tip got a question for you are you related to bill dance reason i ask is on his show i heard you call him papa

1 year ago

The only time I’ve ever had wind knots is when I was running 10 pound braid. The line diameter is so small, if it’s windy and you cast, it can cause issues. My fix… I run 30 pound braid on everything. This goes for baitcasters and spinning reels. I’ve heard people say that 30lb braid is too heavy, but the diameter is equivalent to 8lb mono.. so it’s obviously not. And… I’ve also never snapped my line on a fish while using it. You have 3x the strength and abrasion resistance. The casting distance is slightly shorter, but nothing significant. I’ve seen multiple people using 10lb braid, hook an unsuspecting monster over-slot red fish or black drum, and break off near a dock, on rocks, or from a violent head shake. Why take the risk? A little extra line capacity on your spool… that you really don’t use or need anyway, isn’t enough to overcompensate for the dreaded wind knot. Those knots don’t always come out, and can put your reel down for the rest of the day.

Matt henson
1 year ago
Reply to  John

Wow that simple. Wish I knew this years ago. Thanks Captain Pete.

Jim Adams
1 year ago

I’ve never tried to clear a wind knot by just opening the bail that would just be silly.

ti ro
1 year ago


Ed M.
1 year ago

Great tip. I watch Bill Dance and his shows with Capt. Peter Deeks. If It get a wind knot, I’ll definitely try this

Jack Spillane
1 year ago

What a great tip! Thanks Capt. Deeks!! BTW, I think I watched everyone of Bill Dance’s shows when I was growing up, the man was a Saturday morning tradition and true inspiration.


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